Skid Row

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Mystery of Elisa Lam Still Haunts Internet Sleuths

Clear-cut to some, others are not convinced we have all the facts

(Newser) - When 21-year-old Canadian college student Elisa Lam checked into the Cecil Hotel in Los Angeles, she never checked out. With known bouts of depression that kept her from completing much course work at all in her first three years of college, the Canadian also left behind traces of inner turmoil... More »

Homeless Woman Faces Life Over Dropped Cop Baton

LA woman charged with assault at Skid Row shooting didn't swing or hit anyone

(Newser) - A homeless woman involved in the chaos surrounding the fatal shooting of a homeless man on LA's Skid Row has been in jail since the March incident, and yesterday Trishawn Cardessa Carey's bail was reduced from $1 million to $50,000 after a judge deemed it "way... More »

Identity of Homeless Man Shot by Cops Revealed

He was Charly Keundeu Keunang, from Cameroon

(Newser) - A homeless man shot to death by police during an LA Skid Row confrontation over the weekend was identified yesterday under his true name—not the stolen identity he had used for years. Charly Keundeu Keunang, 43, was listed as being indigent and homeless, and he died from multiple gunshot... More »

Inside the Gnarly Task of Cleaning Up LA's Skid Row

Razor blades, drugs, dead rodents collected during city's sweep

(Newser) - It wasn't a task for the faint of heart: After nearly two weeks spent cleaning up LA's Skid Row, city officials walked away with five tons of trash. And what they found over a six-mile span is enough to make one's stomach turn—among hundreds of needles,... More »

Search for Terminator's Nick Stahl Turns to Skid Row

He's been on drug binges before, says wife

(Newser) - The hunt for still-missing Terminator 3 star Nick Stahl has turned to Skid Row in Los Angeles, police report. The 32-year-old actor has disappeared on drug benders before, and ended up in some of the city's most dangerous neighborhoods, his wife tells the Daily Beast . “She admitted that... More »

Thin Lizzy Guitarist Gary Moore Dead at 58

Moore died today in a Spain hotel

(Newser) - Gary Moore, a former guitarist for Thin Lizzy, died this morning in a Spain hotel room. He was 58 years old. Moore was originally a member of the band Skid Row with Phil Lynott; Lynott later asked him to join Thin Lizzy as the band's new guitarist. After leaving Thin... More »

Singer Weiland Lashes Back at Ex-Bandmates

Calls Velvet Revolver 'handful of discontents,' will rejoin Pilots

(Newser) - Rock madman Scott Weiland isn’t accepting his new pink slip from super-group Velvet Revolver without some choice parting shots, Billboard reports. Weiland was especially insulted by ex-colleague Slash’s suggestion that he lacked dedication—and remembers not just the “moments of joy, inspiration, fun,” but also the... More »

Opulence Duels With Poverty on LA's Skid Row

But amid crackdown on crime, still a daily struggle for survival

(Newser) - While upscale lofts and hotels sprout up near crack houses and homeless shelters, Los Angeles' Skid Row has outstripped most other cities in all the races you don't want to win. LA County has a homeless population of 88,345—roughly twice as much as New York—and the 50... More »

8 Stories