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Story May Provide Clue About Kennedy's Plans

Supreme Court justice warns clerk applicants he's considering retirement

(Newser) - When the Supreme Court wrapped up its current term, all eyes were on Anthony Kennedy amid rumors that he'd announce his retirement. He did not do so , but the rumors are gaining steam once again thanks to an NPR story. The focus of the piece was on new Justice... More »

iPhone 7 to Ditch Its Headphone Jack?

If rumors prove true, new iPhone will be Apple's thinnest one yet

(Newser) - Rumors precede the release of every iPhone, but this one sounds pretty big—"sounds" being the operative word. Citing a Japanese blog that got its info from a "reliable source," reports that the iPhone 7 may be ditching its 3.5mm headphone jack, resulting in... More »

The Weirdest True Story on Rumor Site Snopes

Founder offers inside look at debunking process

(Newser) - For two decades, has acted as a voice of reason on the Internet, making a name for itself by debunking rumors as they circulate. Founder David Mikkelson was involved in an online newsgroup that focused on urban legends; when graphical web browsers hit the scene, he started the... More »

Schools Close Over Fears of 'Doomsday' Violence

People 'on edge' after Newtown: police officer

(Newser) - With schools on high alert after the Newtown shooting, rumors of a Mayan-predicted "apocalypse" are compounding fears of violence. Three counties in Michigan have been so overwhelmed with addressing the concerns that they've simply decided to close schools two days early for winter break. "We're not... More »

Clinton Squashes VP Rumors

Says she has 'absolutely no interest'

(Newser) - Hillary Clinton forcefully dismissed the bubbling rumors that she would replace Joe Biden as Barack Obama’s running mate in 2012. Time magazine’s CEO asked Clinton about the rumors at a professional women’s conference today, according to Andrea Mitchell of NBC . Clinton replied that Biden was doing “... More »

Angle Fought Against 'Evil' Black Jerseys: Columnist

She says he's a lying Harry Reid supporter

(Newser) - Sharron Angle is embroiled in her weirdest controversy yet, with a small-town newspaper columnist who alleges that she once led a religious crusade against black football jerseys. Bill Roberts of the Pahrump Valley Times recalls that in 1992, the year Angle first entered politics with a school board run, she... More »

Rahm Emanuel: Report I'm Quitting Is 'BS'

Chief of Staff planning to move family to DC

(Newser) - Rahm Emanuel is not happy about the report that he’s leaving the White House after the midterm elections. “This is BS. And if you need it for translation, it is baseless,” the White House chief of staff said in a statement today. Rumors have circulated that Emanuel... More »

Snopes Founders: People Are Suckers

Please, stop falling for that Nigerian scam

(Newser) - The founders of started out investigating the origins of urban legends like the serial killer with a hook for a hand; 14 years later, their site is a major source of information for people seeking the real story behind political rumors. “When you’re looking at truth... More »

Obama Talks Childhood, Breaking Friend's Arm

He did not want to be president when he was 6, but did break kid's arm

(Newser) - In lieu of actually going to Indonesia—the visit was put off to seal the health care deal—President Obama recently sat down for an interview with a television station from the country where he spent some of his childhood. His breathless interlocutor appears focused on confirming or debunking myths... More »

Roberts Rumor Started by Gullible Law Students

Spoof part of lecture on unreliable sources

(Newser) - The wild rumor that John Roberts would retire from his Supreme Court gig for health reasons appears to have begun by overexcited Georgetown law students texting during class. At 9am yesterday morning, Professor Peter Tague told his 1L class that, just between them, don’t tell anybody, John Roberts would... More »

Brangelina Breakup Rumors, Denials Fly

UK tabloid's report of Pitt-Jolie split kicks off anonymous-source frenzy

(Newser) - As celebrity Kremlinologists parse the "news" that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are bound for splitsville—they had a fight! this was disproven months ago!—sources close to the couple tell People the reports are untrue. Word of the breakup, from the British tabloid News of the World,... More »

Apple to Unveil 'Latest Creation' on Jan. 27

Press invited to event and hope to see long-rumored tablet

(Newser) - You might not be on the invite list to grab a first look at what will likely be Apple’s rumored tablet device, but the Wall Street Journal is. The paper reports that it just received an invite to the Jan. 27 San Francisco event where the computer maker will... More »

Hot Rumor: Tiger's Cheating

Lots of web, tabloid smoke on this one

(Newser) - Low-level buzz on the Internet has it that Tiger Woods is cheating on his wife of 5 years, with Media Take Out reporting that the National Enquirer is going public with details of the golfer’s relationship with one Rachel Uchitel. Nothing online yet from the Enquirer , which, to remind... More »

Bloggers on JPMorgan Chase CEO Replacing Geithner: Nah

Jamie Dimon not in tune with Obama, too invested in big banks

(Newser) - A report today that JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon has the inside track to replace Timothy Geithner as Treasury Secretary is getting mostly guffaws online, with even the conservative Wall Street Journal admitting that Dimon’s way too much an insider for the job just now. Indeed, chuckles Daniel Indiviglio... More »

Kanye Lives! And So Do These Other Hoaxed Celebs

Fake rumors of celebrity death from Kanye West to Frank Sinatra

(Newser) - We're happy for you Kanye, but Paul McCartney's may have been the best celebrity death hoax of all time. An elaborate Internet hoax fooled many into thinking Kanye West had been killed in a car crash yesterday, prompting the Los Angeles Times to look at other celebs who fell victim... More »

Hillary Run for NY Gov? Uh, No, Scoff Lefty Pundits

Lefty Internet moves to dismiss rumor floated by right-leaning site

(Newser) - Pundits jumped today on a report that Hillary Clinton will leave the State Department to run for governor of New York, with Michael Crowley, in the New Republic, saying three Clinton sources dismissed the notion, and that anyone floating such things is “on crack.” That, evidently, would be... More »

McCartney Recalls 'Madness' of Death Rumor

'Paul is dead' rumor refused to die, Beatle says

(Newser) - The infamous rumor that Paul McCartney died in 1966—and was replaced by a man who looked and sounded like the original—had Beatles’ fans regularly checking the musician’s appearance to see if he was the genuine article, McCartney tells Mojo magazine, as noted by the Telegraph. “I... More »

Rumor Mill: Palin's Moving to Rhode Island

State's GOP boss has to 'question her sanity'

(Newser) - Word on the street is that Sarah Palin is planning a move to Rhode Island—but so far, it’s just one rumor among many. Seems a bit of an odd choice: It’s a left-leaning state whose former senator has called Palin a “cocky wacko,” notes Randal... More »

White House Shuts Online Rumor Tip Box

Program to collect health-care hearsay slammed over privacy

(Newser) - The White House is closing its e-tip box for bogus health care rumors amid concerns over what the administration might do with such messages, Politico reports. On Aug. 4, a White House blog told readers: “If you get an email or see something on the web about health insurance... More »

Rumors as Virulent as Swine Flu Itself

Theories implicate everyone from Smithfield Foods to al-Qaeda as responsible

(Newser) - Rumors about the origins of the swine flu outbreak are spreading faster than the virus itself, with theories ranging from a group of slaughtered pigs in China to an al-Qaeda conspiracy, Reuters reports. China’s government was actually prompted into making a formal statement by international media reports suggesting that... More »

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