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Here's What Happens When You Diss NY (cc: Ted Cruz)

Big mistake, Ted. Big. HUGE.

(Newser) - Ted Cruz is eliciting particularly strong reaction this week—especially from people in the Empire State. In a Tuesday radio interview, Cruz railed against Donald Trump, saying the businessman "embodies New York values," BuzzFeed reports. Cruz followed up on Fox News, telling Megyn Kelly, per the Washington Post ... More »

Majority Don't Want Gov't to Promote 'Traditional Values'

It's a first in CNN poll

(Newser) - A new CNN poll finds that, for the first time in poll history, a majority of Americans do not think the government should promote traditional values. In 2010, 53% of registered voters said that it should—and that number had been even higher in 2008, at 57%. But this time... More »

We Need More Armstrongs, Fewer Jackos

Apollo astronauts exemplify what US celebs should be

(Newser) - It’s unfortunate that American celebrity typically comes in the form of “uninteresting, detestable, loud, or unaccomplished people” like Michael Jackson and Paris Hilton, writes Bret Stephens in the Wall Street Journal. What society needs is more heroes like the Apollo astronauts—celebrities with “the right stuff,”... More »

'Recession Babies' Will Be Boring But Sensible

Economic upheavals rear careful, dull generations

(Newser) - If history tells us anything, it’s that our modern “recession babies” will grow up to be risk-averse bores. “Today’s youngest children are being raised in the same kind of protective bubble as the Depression babies,” Kate Zernike explains in the New York Times. “They... More »

Mock Her at Your Peril: Palin Speaks Real American

Accent 'dissed' by elites is same tune favored by humble, common-sense majority

(Newser) - The discomfort Sarah Palin causes in liberals, and even many conservatives, stems from a fundamental disconnect between the educated elite and real America, Michael Novak writes in the National Review. Solid, humble citizens hear a familiar ring to Palin’s oft-mocked accent: “The same guts. The same common sense.... More »

Who Are You Calling a Socialist?

McCain: Obama's tax cut plan is 'welfare'; Dem: Mac 'out of touch'

(Newser) - Values and socialism dominated the sharp rhetoric on the campaign trail yesterday, as the presidential candidates exchanged fire over Barack Obama’s plan for middle-class tax cuts, Politico reports. At rallies in North Carolina and Virginia, two traditionally red states where Obama has made inroads, John McCain accused him of... More »

Obama Needs to Work on 'Big Idea'

To relate to voters, clearer message imperative

(Newser) - Despite Barack Obama’s remarkable policy consistency, he "remains a puzzle to many voters," writes Dorothy Wickenden in the New Yorker. It's time to articulate a governing philosophy, she argues: “He has proved his steadiness of purpose without clearly defining his priorities.What, above all, does he... More »

Black Families Need Their 40 Acres

The ticket to black success is property ownership, says Gates

(Newser) - With a poll last week showing that African Americans no longer think of themselves as a "single race," Henry Louis Gates Jr explores causes of  the widening gap between middle class and poor blacks. His study of 20 highly successful African Americans, from Oprah to Whoopi to... More »

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