Frederick Douglass

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Top 25 Black Leaders: Obama Second Only to MLK

On Martin Luther King Jr. Day, he gets top honors

(Newser) - On Martin Luther King Jr. Day, it’s fitting to announce that the civil rights leader himself was voted the most influential black American leader. TheGrio asked 25 academics, artists, and activists to rank a list of 170 black leaders, and the website calculated the top 25:
  1. Martin Luther King,
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Wright Takes Cross Over Racial Divide

Rebel preacher aims to free gospel from 'whiteness'

(Newser) - Barack Obama pastor Jeremiah Wright built his Chicago church on black liberation theology, which directs Christianity at African Americans, Kelefa Sanneh writes in the New Yorker. The movement’s founder aimed to “emancipate the gospel from its ‘whiteness,’” but also from Frederick Douglass’ belief that antebellum... More »

Black Families Need Their 40 Acres

The ticket to black success is property ownership, says Gates

(Newser) - With a poll last week showing that African Americans no longer think of themselves as a "single race," Henry Louis Gates Jr explores causes of  the widening gap between middle class and poor blacks. His study of 20 highly successful African Americans, from Oprah to Whoopi to... More »

3 Stories