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Eye Doctors Zero In on Vision Loss

New treatments hold promise of curing some types of blindness

(Newser) - Those who were once blind may someday see, thanks to decades of research into what causes certain types of blindness. Scientists have developed several types of experimental treatments, including gene therapy, which could help prevent the rare eye disorder known as Stargardt disease, one of many vision problems that results... More »

Jobs Surge Back for Techies

Google hired 786 employees in Q1

(Newser) - If you went to MIT, the economy shouldn’t look half bad. Tech companies are hiring again, often even fighting over top recruits, the Wall Street Journal reports. Yesterday, Google announced that it had hired 786 employees in the first quarter, and said it expected to “continue hiring aggressively... More »

Intel to Pay AMD $1.25B

Payment settles all antitrust and patent suits

(Newser) - Intel says it is paying AMD, its largest rival in the computer chip market, $1.25 billion to settle all antitrust and patent suits, and has agreed to abide by a set of "business practice provisions." In return, AMD, which had been complaining to regulators for five years... More »

Cuomo Slaps Intel With Antitrust Suit

Says chipmaker paid kickbacks, strongarmed manufacturers

(Newser) - New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo filed an antitrust suit against Intel today, accusing it of “a worldwide, systematic campaign of illegal conduct.” Cuomo says Intel paid computer manufacturers billions in kickbacks provided they didn’t produce computers with rival chips. The money was disguised as “rebates,... More »

PC Marketing Drops the Technobabble

'Fact tags' only confused customers: Intel exec

(Newser) - PC makers seem to have gotten the hint and are beginning to hawk their wares not with dazzling technobabble but with information useful to the average consumer, the New York Times reports. For years, tech concerns have touted their achievements in impenetrable language on “fact tags” (DDR2 RAM, anyone?),... More »

Dow Ends Blah Week Down 45

Financials see gains for the day

(Newser) - Stocks were mixed today as bargain buying in the financial sector bolstered some amid a torrent of poor earnings and outlooks from GE, Xerox, Harley Davidson, and AMD, MarketWatch reports. The Dow fell 45.24 points to close at 8,077.56. The Nasdaq gained 11.80, closing at 1,... More »

Mixed Note Caps Big Week

Dow sees modest gains, Nasdaq loses; all indices post weekly gains

(Newser) - The markets were mixed today as poor results across the tech sector and from Merrill Lynch put the brakes on a two-day rally, MarketWatch reports. Good news from Citigroup kept the Dow buoyant, and it closed up 49.91, at 11,496.57. The tech-heavy Nasdaq took a 29.52-point... More »

Tech Firms Buoyed by Demand Abroad

International demand keeps tech afloat even as economy sinks

(Newser) - The tech sector keeps rolling even as the overall economy continues to flail, the Wall Street Journal reports. Four of tech’s giants, Microsoft, Google, IBM and Nokia, posted quarterly results yesterday, riding high on developed nations’ need for cost-saving technologies and emerging economies’ demand for infrastructure upgrades as the... More »

DreamWorks Jilts AMD for Intel

Major coup in battle between rival chipmakers

(Newser) - In an important win over its sometimes-struggling rival, Intel has wooed away AMD client DreamWorks Animation. DreamWorks will replace its current servers and computer workstations, which use AMD chips, with new Intel-powered ones. The studio said the change will make its computing faster and help it start producing 3-D animation,... More »

Chipmakers Get Graphic in 'Battle Royal' for Future

Intel, Nvidia and AMD jockey over advanced imagery for PCs

(Newser) - Three Silicon Valley companies are jockeying to plot the future course for chips that create the most realistic computer graphics, the Wall Street Journal reports. "All of them agree that graphics are the field where the battle is going to be fought," one analyst says of Intel, Nvidia... More »

Intel Rides Global Sales to Strong Q1

Profit jumps 9% as chip-maker surprises Wall Street

(Newser) - Global demand for computer chips helped Intel power to a 9% first-quarter revenue gain, beating analysts' estimates and sending a message that while US sales may be slumping, the world’s largest chip maker’s still got game. Intel stock rose 7.7% in after hours trading, the New York ... More »

Stocks Fall on Dismal Earnings

Housing data, WaMu bailout not helping investor confidence

(Newser) - Stocks fell today as the first-quarter earnings report season began with dismal results and a grim new report confirmed that the housing slump hasn't bottomed out, Bloomberg reports. Washington Mutual, freshly bailed out by TPG, led financials lower after it slashed its dividend 93%. The Dow fell 35.99 to... More »

AMD to Slash 10% of Jobs in '08

Chip maker was hurt by defective product, slumping sales

(Newser) - Advanced Micro Devices will shed 10% of its workforce this year and predicts a 15% first-quarter revenue drop, down to $1.5 billion, the Wall Street Journal reports. Slumping desktop sales and the company's line of defective chips and have hurt AMD, which will lay off workers worldwide at "... More »

AMD Updates Phenom, Adds 4 Quad-Core Chips

Semiconductor company will ship triple-core chips, too

(Newser) - Semiconductor company AMD has revealed updates to its Phenom line and will launch four quad-core chips that “can improve performance for gaming and multi-threaded applications,” the company says. The California firm also said it would ship triple-core processors, which CNet reports is a first for the PC market,... More »

Intel Testifies in EU Antitrust Hearings

CEO jets in to defend practices in Brussells

(Newser) - Intel officials testified before an EU antitrust commission yesterday in Brussels; the chipmaker is suspected of unfairly dominating the European market. Competitor Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) and consumer groups are testifying today, reports the Wall Street Journal. The commission will consider whether rebates Intel offered to retailers that didn’t... More »

AMD Chip Brings Games to Mainstream

High-caliber graphics will now be available on family computers, laptops

(Newser) - A new chip may make up-market graphics applications like graphics editing and video games accessible on mass-market computers, says maker AMD. The 780 series integrated graphics chip, announced Tuesday at the CeBIT trade show in Germany, makes use of technology acquired when AMD bought ATI Technologies in 2006. "It... More »

EU Raids Intel's German Offices

World's biggest chip maker may face new antitrust allegations

(Newser) - EU investigators raided Intel’s German office today, searching for evidence that the chip maker has broken antitrust laws, the BBC reports. The European Commission has already opened a case against Intel for monopolistic business practices, but officials said the surprise raid was the first step in its investigation, signaling... More »

AMD Gets Closer to Profitable

Investors relieved despite chip maker's big loss

(Newser) - Advanced Micro Devices pleased investors with its fourth-quarter financial report yesterday, as it neared profitability despite a big loss that included its acquisition of graphics chip maker ATI Technologies. AMD execs said they expect to break even early in the second half of 2008, reports the New York Times. AMD... More »

New York Latest to Investigate Intel Practices

Chip-maker's effort to squeeze competition is focus of probes

(Newser) - With proceedings already underway against Intel Corp. in Europe and Asia, New York's attorney general today began formally investigating whether the world's largest computer chip-maker has broken state and federal antitrust laws, Reuters reports. “Our investigation is focused on determining whether Intel has improperly used monopoly power to exclude... More »

Being a Tech CEO Means Having to Say You're Sorry

Apologizing seen as key skill in Silicon Valley

(Newser) - Saying "sorry" has become a necessary skill for tech execs, Forbes reports—from AMD's CEO, who apologized yesterday for delaying its latest chip launch, to Facebook's founder, who begged forgiveness after an advertising program violated users' privacy. The frequency of technology leaders' public contrition testifies to the power of... More »

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