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Egypt Is Perfectly Justified in Targeting US Groups

The US would do the same thing in its shoes

(Newser) - The US has complained mightily over the charges Egypt has reportedly filed against 43 workers for pro-democracy non-governmental organizations, which is pretty ironic, Marlene Spoerri of the Christian Science Monitor points out, because "these organizations are conducting work that would never be tolerated in the US." The slightest... More »

US Activists Hide in Egypt Embassy

Unusual step indicates tensions between Washington and Cairo

(Newser) - The US embassy in Cairo has taken the extraordinary step of sheltering US citizens working for pro-democracy non-governmental organizations—ostensibly to protect them from the Egyptian government, which has raided some of their offices and prevented them from leaving the country . The move is a sign that tensions between Washington... More »

Egypt Bans Ray LaHood's Son From Leaving

Along with other Americans monitoring Egyptian elections

(Newser) - Egypt has placed Ray LaHood's son and several other Americans working for pro-Democracy groups on a no-fly list, barring them from leaving the country. Sam LaHood tried to board a plane out of Egypt in Cairo on Saturday, Politico reports, but was prevented from doing so. A State Department... More »

Egypt Snubs US, Raids Pro-Democracy Groups

Three US-funded agencies are among the targets

(Newser) - Egypt's ruling military council doesn't appear to be cowed by pressure from the US and the rest of the world into speeding up reforms. Security forces raided 17 nongovernmental offices today, including three funded by the US that do things like monitor elections and promote democracy. The US... More »

Pro-Democracy Group Links Lobbyists, McCain

Nonprofit's workings clash with maverick image

(Newser) - The workings of a nonprofit democracy-promotion group John McCain has chaired for 15 years are “in many ways at odds with the political outsider image that has become a touchstone of the McCain campaign,” the New York Times reports. The International Republican Institute is a “something of... More »

Kenyan Prez Lost Vote, Says US Exit Poll

Unreleased results suggest Kibaki stole controversial election

(Newser) - A US-backed exit poll of voters in last month's Kenyan presidential elections found that incumbent Mwai Kibaki lost resoundingly to challenger Raila Odinga. The poll hasn’t been publicly released yet for unknown reasons, but sources say Odinga came out 8 percentage points ahead—well above the margin of error—... More »

Secret Poll: Cubans Want Vote

Three-quarters would like say in Castro succession

(Newser) - Three-quarters of Cubans surveyed in an unorthodox poll want to vote on Fidel Castro’s successor, 79% say the current government can't fix the country’s problems, and 83% want changes in the economic system, USA Today reports. The 600 respondents weren’t told they were being polled—and the... More »

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