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Cop Beats Woman Shoplifter on Video

Iowa woman says her eyesight still hasn't recovered

(Newser) - An Iowa shoplifter is contemplating legal action after a cop beat her repeatedly about the head and face—all in view of a store video camera, NBC Chicago reports. Brandie Redell admits she was trying to steal clothing at a Von Maur Department Store in February when store personnel escorted... More »

New JCPenney Ad: We're Sorry, Come Back!

Hopes put-off customers will return for Mother's Day

(Newser) - It's what so many of us do after our relationships implode: beg the other to come back. Please! JCPenney is now trying the groveling route as well. The embattled retail empire has released a new ad that begins "It's no secret...," apologizes for its "mistakes,... More »

Walmart's Problem: More Stores, Fewer Employees

Products, staff, customers disappearing from the aisles

(Newser) - Walmart's shelves are looking empty these days, and it's not because the product isn't available: The company simply doesn't have enough employees to restock them, store workers tell Bloomberg . The big blue retail behemoth has added 455 US stores over the past five years, but its... More »

The Weird, Wild World of Walmart

Strange stories often take place at the retail giant's stores

(Newser) - Does Walmart imitate life or does life imitate Walmart? The ubiquitous big-box chain is very often the setting for births, deaths, marriages, and strange events, reports the Wall Street Journal . Recent incidents include: a man dressed as a cow who stole 26 gallons of milk from a Virginia store in... More »

Mom Files $5M Suit Over 80-Cent Dispute

She's suing the Century 21 department store

(Newser) - A New Jersey mom is suing a department store for $5 million, claiming she got ripped off 80 cents over a coupon, reports the New York Post . Tova Gerson used the $5 coupon to buy more than $100 worth of merchandise from Century 21, then returned one item. The store... More »

Harrods Now Selling Gold Bars

London emporium offers bullion to luxe-loving shoppers

(Newser) - The world's most over-the-top department store has taken bling to a new level. Beginning today, shoppers at Harrods, the London emporium owned by Egyptian billionaire Mohamed al-Fayed, can buy gold bars and coins over the counter. The store has teamed with a Swiss bank to arrange for customers to purchase... More »

'Dowdy' JCPenney Tries to Take Manhattan

Penney's Brings Size 16 Back to NYC

(Newser) - JCPenney recently invaded Manhattan, “and the most frequent question on New York’s collective lips seems to be: Why?” writes Cintra Wilson in the Times. “Why would this dowdy Middle American entity waddle into Midtown in its big old shorts and flip-flops without even bothering to update its... More »

Desperate in July, Sears Looks to Santa for Bailout

(Newser) - Sears is taking the “Christmas in July” trope to a whole new level. With June retail sales tumbling, the company is looking for a boost by selling actual Christmas products, Time reports. Soon, 372 Sears stores will roll out displays hawking tree ornaments, stocking stuffers, and other decidedly off-season... More »

Designers Fight Store Discounts

Sales scare away brand loyalists, they say

(Newser) - Department-store sales may woo bargain shoppers, but they turn off the high-end base luxury designers cater to, Christina Binkley writes in the Wall Street Journal, and cut into those designers’ profits and brand control. Discounts last Thanksgiving set off a chain reaction that collapsed high-end retail’s pricing structure. “... More »

Cops Find 5 Bombs in Paris Dep't Store

Tip-off to news agency warns of explosives

(Newser) - French police found and disarmed five explosive devices this morning at one of Paris's biggest department stores, reports the BBC. The Printemps store, on one of the capital's best known shopping streets, was evacuated and cordoned off after a group calling itself the Afghan Revolutionary Front warned the AFP news... More »

Staggering Slowdown Hits Retail Sales

Ominous sign of dismal holiday season

(Newser) - Retail sales plummeted last month ahead of the holiday shopping season—which threatens to be the worst in decades, the New York Times reports. The downturn ran the gamut from upscale department stores to shops like the Gap. Neiman Marcus saw a 28% drop compared with the same month last... More »

Bankrupt Mervyn's Goes Belly Up

All of chain's 149 stores to be liquidated before end of year

(Newser) - Mervyn's will be closing all of its 149 stores before the end of the year and holding huge going-out-of business sales, the Bay Area's Daily Review reports. The California-based department store chain filed for bankruptcy in July and had been fruitlessly scrambling for a sale or a deal with landlords... More »

Retailers Expressing Gratitude

Slow economy sparks personal greetings from retailers

(Newser) - Today's slow economy has sparked more retailers to thank shoppers with bouquets and personal notes, Portfolio reports. Common for big spenders, such thank-yous are now mailed to regular shoppers too—like one reporter who bought two shirts and a jacket at Nordstrom. "Our salespeople build relationships with their customers... More »

Black Friday Getting Longer

Stores open earlier to boost profits, attract headlines

(Newser) - Stores will open earlier than ever on Black Friday, with midnight openings becoming more common, the AP reports. Wal-Mart, in fact, began its sales today. "You sell two sweaters and you've broken even,” said one analyst. But Gap chief Glenn Murphy will be out with the hordes, then... More »

Macy's Vows to Revive Chicago Flagship

Expert has three years to revive former Marshall Fields

(Newser) - Macy's is changing course to revive Chicago's former Marshall Field's, a downtown fixture that was struggling when Macy's took over last year and has only done worse since, the Chicago Tribune reports. The solution? A $10-million, three-year plan to draw new shoppers into a 139-year-old institution they may have considered... More »

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