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Spider-Man 4 Off Because Director Saw Avatar

Director pushed for special effects studio wouldn't pay for

(Newser) - The problems with the Spider-Man 4 script were genuine, but the real reason the flick got the ax is that the director saw Avatar. Sam Raimi became infatuated with the advanced computer graphics in the James Cameron blockbuster and wanted to take advantage of them, insiders tell New York . Sony... More »

Beowulf Blurs Line Between Video Games and Movies

All-CGI films are the future, writes Wired

(Newser) - Most of the reviews of Robert Zemeckis' Beowulf have noted the video-game feel of the CGI flick, and they're right: there is no technological difference between the film and animations used in high-end video games. Wired gaming blogger Chris Kohler argues this is a watershed for film; when scenes of... More »

2 Stories