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These Are Sour Times for Mass. Cranberry Growers

Industry beset by problems as it turns 200

(Newser) - All is not well in cranberry country this harvesting season, the 200th anniversary of the world's first known commercial cultivation, the AP reports. In the birthplace of the industry, many Massachusetts growers whose families have tended bogs for generations are in dire straits, facing challenges that include rising production... More »

Cranberries Cripple Bacteria

Berry powder thwarted urinary tract infections

(Newser) - People have know for at least a century that cranberries can help combat urinary tract infections, but scientists are only now beginning to understand how. Canadian researchers exposed bacteria that cause the infections to cranberry powder and discovered that cranberries damage bacteria's ability to grow the whip-like flagella appendages... More »

Raisin Bosses Launch $1.5M War on Craisins

California growers furious at 'copycat' snack

(Newser) - When Ocean Spray's Craisins first emerged in 1989, California's raisin growers were miffed: Raisins had been around, by some accounts, since Biblical times, and here was a new fruit snack trying to steal their thunder—not to mention borrow their name. Now the raisin growers have had enough,... More »

Going Global Juices Cranberry Biz

Farmers raking it in after successful campaign to sell US berry to the world

(Newser) - America's cranberry farmers have turned sour times around with a push to bring the berry to the world, the New York Times reports. Eight years ago, farmers were faced with a glut of berries, but now, with almost a third of the crop being exported to nations who have been... More »

Demand Juices Cranberry Prices

Who knew? Fruit has become darling of health food fans

(Newser) - Cranberries have become so popular with health-conscious consumers that processors are struggling to keep up with demand, and fresh berries are expected to run out before Christmas, reports the Wall Street Journal. Poor weather—unusually warm and not enough rain—have contributed to rising prices for the "wonderberry." More »

5 Stories