Floyd Mayweather Jr.

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There Might Be a Rematch to the Fight of the Century

Pacquiao says he's negotiating with Mayweather for one more match

(Newser) - Is it possible to have two Fights of the Century? We may be about to find out, as Manny Pacquiao announced Thursday he is in talks with Floyd Mayweather about staging a rematch of last May's bout . Business Insider reports Mayweather is currently retired, but money—May's fight... More »

In Final Fight, Mayweather Stays Perfect

Boxing great improves to 49-0 against Andre Berto

(Newser) - His career winding down to its final seconds, Floyd Mayweather Jr. took a victory lap around the ring, his fist raised in triumph. After 19 years of perfection in the ring, he deserved one final bow. Mayweather capped a remarkable career with a typical Mayweather fight last night, using his... More »

Mayweather Stripped of 'Fight of the Century' Belt

Boxer failed to pay fee, give up titles in other weight classes

(Newser) - Floyd "Money" Mayweather has nothing to show for his " fight of the century " against Manny Pacquiao but his paltry $240 million . The World Boxing Organization has stripped the boxer, 38, of his welterweight title earned in Las Vegas in May after he failed to pay a $200,... More »

Floyd Mayweather's Year: $300M

Boxer shatters record for best-paid year for a jock

(Newser) - We knew Floyd Mayweather made a lot of money in his May 2 bout against Manny Pacquiao , but it turns out that payday helped him make the man who's been the world's highest-paid athlete for 12 of the years since 2001 look like he belongs in coach: As... More »

'Cheated' Fans Sue Pacquiao

Ex-girlfriend sues Mayweather for $20M

(Newser) - The boxing part of the " richest fight in history " is over, but it looks like the lawyers are getting gloved up for a few dozen more rounds. Two fans in Nevada filed a lawsuit in federal court yesterday, claiming they were cheated by Manny Pacquiao's alleged failure... More »

Mayweather Wins Richest Fight in History

Manny Pacquiao says shoulder was injured, anti-inflammatory shot denied

(Newser) - The pressure of a $180 million payday never got to Floyd Mayweather Jr., even if the richest fight ever wasn't the best. Using his reach and jab last night, Mayweather frustrated Manny Pacquiao, piling up enough points to win a unanimous decision in their welterweight title bout. Mayweather remained... More »

'Genius' Mayweather Will Make $180M for One Fight

Manny Pacquiao can expect about $120M

(Newser) - There's a reason Floyd Mayweather sits atop the Forbes list of highest-paid athletes, and tomorrow night's pay-per-view fight against Manny Pacquiao provides a good example of it. The AP estimates that Mayweather will take home $180 million for one night's work, while Pacquiao's team can expect... More »

So Who Is the Father of Lil' Kim's Baby?

Rapper is pregnant, but hasn't said by whom

(Newser) - Lil' Kim revealed this week that she's pregnant—but she hasn't said who the father is, so let the speculation begin. A New York musician who goes by "Mr. Papers" is implying he's the dad—he's been saying for a while that he and the... More »

Judge Scoffs at Mayweather's 'Withering in Jail' Gripe

No water, bad food threatening his boxing career, attorneys argue

(Newser) - Boxer Floyd Mayweather's "get out of jail early" argument wasn't a TKO with a Las Vegas court. He pleaded with a judge to let him finish his domestic violence sentence at home. Being stuck behind bars is leaving him dehydrated and malnourished, threatening his boxing career, his... More »

Why Boxing Is Coming Back (or Not)

Pacquiao fight raises excitement in the sport

(Newser) - Last night's big fight between Manny Pacquiao and “Sugar” Shane Mosely turned out to be a dud, with Pacquiao winning an easy decision, reports AP . But the fight had generated much buzz, leading Atlantic to ponder whether the sport might be ready to burst back into the mainstream.... More »

Tiger Still No. 1, but Endorsements Fall

... to a measly $70 million

(Newser) - Tiger Woods remains the nation's top-paid athlete in the Sports Illustrated rankings, even though USA Today notes his endorsements fell by $22 million and sales of his video game are sluggish . The top 5:
  1. Tiger Woods: $90.5 million (including $70 million in endorsements).
  2. Phil Mickelson: $61.7 million ($52
... More »

The Best Athlete on the Planet

WSJ panel picks Czech decathlete Sebrle to represent Earth at Intergalactic Games

(Newser) - If Earth could only send one guy to a galactic Olympics, who would it be? The Wall Street Journal had a panel of sports experts hash it out, and its top 10 might surprise:
  1. Roman Sebrle: Czech decathlon champion wins on versatility.
  2. LeBron James: What can’t the NBA star
... More »

Player Denies Vegas Run-In Led to Mugging

NFL's Walker says thugs, not boxer's associates, to blame

(Newser) - Disputing reports he was mugged after a Las Vegas run-in with boxer Floyd Mayweather, Javon Walker tells TheDirty.com's Nik Richie (who claims the NFL wide receiver is a "very close friend") that three armed men entered his hotel room early Monday, knocked him out and took his... More »

Mayweather Jr. Quits Before Big Match

39-0 boxer forgoes $20 million payoff

(Newser) - Undefeated boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr. is hanging up his gloves, nixing a high-profile rematch against Oscar De La Hoya, ESPN.com reports. “This decision was not an easy one for me to make,” the welterweight champ said. “However, these past few years have been extremely difficult for... More »

Fortunate 50: Sports Elite in the Green

Tiger, NBA stars top Sports Illustrated annual income ranking

(Newser) - Forget all the talk of economic uncertainty. Sports Illustrated has released its fifth annual Fortunate 50 ranking of top athlete incomes, and things are certain as they've ever been; the NBA pays the best, women aren't being paid enough and Tiger Woods is absolutely untouchable. Ranked by combined on- and... More »

Indy Driver Raises Profile—on Dance Floor

Castroneves' popularity surges after stint with stars

(Newser) - Six months ago, few beyond IndyCar fans recognized the name Helio Castroneves. Thanks to "Dancing with the Stars," however, Helio’s celebrity-status has skyrocketed. The Indy Racing League is enjoying the ride—the racer’s surge in popularity has been tremendous for the sport.  "It's interesting... More »

Champ Delivers on KO Promise

Mayweather fends off Hatton with big blows in the 10th

(Newser) - Floyd Mayweather Jr. defended his welterweight crown against British challenger Ricky Hatton last night in 10 rounds. The 147-pound champion showed more punching than dancing, as Hatton kept on the offensive—contrary to the predictions that the bout would be a boring one. Before an overwhelmingly British crowd, Mayweather came... More »

Mayweather Outpoints De La Hoya

Undefeated challenger takes 12-round split decision

(Newser) - Floyd Mayweather Jr. captured Oscar De La Hoya's WBC super welterweight title last night in Las Vegas, recording a 12-round split decision and running his record to 38-0.  Two of the three judges gave one of the richest fights in boxing history to the 3-2 underdog, who has won... More »

De La Hoya's The Pretty, Pretty Favorite

Photogenic boxer is hot, but can title fight heat up boxing?

(Newser) - In the Oscar De La Hoya-Floyd Mayweather Jr. title fight, the defending champion with the winning smile is the overwhelming people's favorite. And the bout is for more than just the WBC light middleweight crown. It's projected to shatter pay-per-view records and perhaps even rejuvenate boxing—a notion De La... More »

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