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Dylann Roof Wants to Fire His 'Biological Enemies': His Lawyers

His current lawyers are Jewish and Indian

(Newser) - Dylann Roof, the convicted white supremacist murderer of nine black churchgoers in Charleston, SC, wants to dismiss and replace his legal team because they are his "political and biological enemies," he says in a handwritten letter filed with the 4th US Circuit Court of Appeals Monday. Roof, who'... More »

Leading Atlanta Lawyer Charged With Wife's Murder

McIver accused of asking witness to lie

(Newser) - A leading Atlanta attorney who claimed he accidentally shot his wife after dozing off has been charged with her murder. Claud "Tex" McIver, who was initially charged with reckless misconduct and involuntary manslaughter in the Sept. 25, 2016, death of Diane McIver, was hit with new charges Thursday, including... More »

Judge Sucker-Punched Lawyer After Party: Complaint

'I do justice and I f---ing kill people!' Robert Beltrani allegedly said before altercation

(Newser) - A party in October ended with a Legal Aid lawyer lying unconscious on a New York City sidewalk, and on Tuesday, a state parole judge who handles Rikers Island cases was charged with misdemeanor assault and harassment in the case, the New York Daily News reports. Robert Beltrani, 53, was... More »

Top Lawyer Fees Just Cracked a Crazy Milestone

$1.5K an hour and up—inflation is low, demand is weak, but people are still paying

(Newser) - Better start digging for more than change in those couch cushions if you're looking for legal representation. According to Citi Private Bank's Law Firm Group, large corporate law firms have upped their rates by 3% to 4% every year since the Great Recession, with at least one New... More »

'Dysfunctional' FEC Missing a Head Lawyer for 2 Years

Agency is heading right into Election 2016 with no chief counsel

(Newser) - When your chairwoman goes on the record as saying your agency is "worse than dysfunctional," chances are you may have a hard time attracting talent. That's the issue now faced by the Federal Election Commission in terms of its legal counsel: Next month will hit the two-year... More »

California Lawyers Must Now Swear to Be ... Nice

More specifically, show 'dignity, courtesy, and integrity'

(Newser) - All new lawyers in California will soon have to make an added promise when joining the bar—to be nice to one another, the San Francisco Chronicle reports. Beginning May 23, the oath one takes to "faithfully discharge the duties of an attorney" will be joined by language stating... More »

Judge Joe Brown Arrested in Memphis

Former TV judge taken out of juvenile court in handcuffs

(Newser) - Joe Brown was arrested in court today, but did political theater play a role? Brown—the former star of Judge Joe Brown, which was canceled last year—arrived at Juvenile Court in Memphis and shook hands to promote his run for district attorney, the Commercial Appeal reports. He then went... More »

Needed: Rural Lawyers; Subsidies Available

South Dakota offers pilot program for attorneys

(Newser) - Lawyers are having a hard time finding jobs these days, but all they really need to do to get hired is move out of the city. Rural America is increasingly short on lawyers, and as a result, one state is offering subsidies to law school grads who practice there. Other... More »

Soldier Accused in Killings Gets Barefoot Bandit Lawyer

John Henry Browne will take Afghan case; also defended Ted Bundy

(Newser) - We still don't know the name of the US soldier accused of killing 16 people in Afghanistan, but one of his attorneys certainly has a high profile. Seattle's John Henry Browne tells the News Tribune of Tacoma that he will assist military attorneys with the defense. Browne has... More »

Nursing Mom Accused of Indecent Exposure at Court

In fact, DC human rights law protects babies' right to breastfeed

(Newser) - A shocked mom was told by security guards outside a DC courtroom that nursing her baby son was "indecent exposure." This is "a government building, and you can't breastfeed in a public corridor of a government building," said one of the guards, the woman recounted... More »

Bieber Baby Mama Faces Assault Charge

Mariah Yeater accused her ex of impregnating her

(Newser) - Mariah Yeater's lawyers are keeping mum over the latest news—that the baby mama first blamed her ex for impregnating her and allegedly smacked him, TMZ reports. Matthew Pare and Lance Rogers, who filed Yeater's paternity suit against Justin Bieber , said this week they had "credible evidence"... More »

'Bedbug Lawyer' Battles Creepy Crisis

Sues building bosses as 'unstoppable' creatures surge

(Newser) - The veteran of eight bedbug-centered lawsuits since September seeking $100,000 to $3.5 million, a Maryland attorney has earned himself a reputation as the bedbug lawyer, the Washington Post reports. Some are calling Daniel Whitney a “bloodsucker,” but he calls that “nonsense. These people need help.... More »

Lawyers Forced to Ditch Bras in Jail Screenings

Bras of 'prettiest' Belgians somehow set off metal detectors, they complain

(Newser) - Female attorneys became suspicious when their bras—particularly those worn by young, attractive women—suddenly set off metal alarms at a Belgian prison and had to be removed. Now they're angry. "Metal detection checks seem very difficult to carry out when a pretty, young lawyer or visitor reports to... More »

Meet Justin Bieber, the Lawyer

Philadelphia attorney gains fame by accident

(Newser) - The young lawyer wanted to be taken seriously and make a name for himself, but he had a problem: His name is Justin Bieber. "I started getting 50 to 60 friend requests a week on Facebook," the 32-year-old—he's twice the age of the omnipresent pop star—tells... More »

States Consider Uniting to Offer One Bar Exam

Move could save consumers money

(Newser) - Good news for aspiring lawyers: State bar associations are considering adopting a national bar exam. The move would allow lawyers trying to find a job in a competitive market to practice in any state; consumers would be able to use one lawyer for cases that span state lines, potentially saving... More »

Garrido: Cops Trampling Dugard's Civil Rights

Kidnap victim denied free speech, access to attorney, suspect writes to local TV reporter

(Newser) - Phillip Garrido says the woman he’s accused of abducting as a child and holding captive for 18 years is being denied civil rights as part of the ongoing investigation, he writes in a letter to Sacramento’s KRCA-TV. Jaycee Dugard’s “free speach [sic] rights are being violated,... More »

My Client's Corrupt, But Who Isn't?

All pols have bribes in the freezer, Jefferson's lawyer contends

(Newser) - Former Rep. William Jefferson’s lawyer tried a novel defense tactic in his closing arguments yesterday: putting all of the political class on trial. Sure, his client had stashed bribe money in his freezer—but hasn’t everyone, metaphorically speaking? “We all occupy the gray area,” said attorney... More »

No Deal on Custody of Jackson Kids: Rowe Lawyer

Reports of $4M payout 'completely false'

(Newser) - No deal on the custody of Michael Jackson’s children has been reached, Debbie Rowe’s attorney tells CNN. Eric George refuted a story in the New York Post that Rowe had agreed to a $4 million payout to drop her bid to look after Jackson's two elder kids, who... More »

With Friends Like These...

My client was drunk, stupid, sleazy—oh, and black, argues Jefferson's lawyer

(Newser) - What do you say when you’re defending William Jefferson, on trial for allegedly taking $100,000 in bribe money and hiding it in his freezer? Pretty much whatever the heck you can think of, writes Dana Milbank of the Washington Post. The lawyer for the then-Congressman opened his defense... More »

Attorneys Learn Loan Law to Help Homeowners

(Newser) - Lawyers nationwide are learning about foreclosure law to help new clients keep their homes, NPR reports. Housing attorneys are even teaching seminars to lawyers, who accept cases pro bono, knowing homeowners can't turn to swamped legal aid offices. Some find it "incredibly rewarding to help someone save their house... More »

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