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Facebook Wants Your Friendship and Your Money

Site rolls out payment system aimed at getting profit from apps

(Newser) - Facebook is breaking an age-old business rule: Never do business with friends. In a bid to achieve profitability, the social-networking site is testing an internal payments system that allows its 300 million users to purchase credits redeemable for virtual goods, from Facebook itself or third-party applications. “Over time, this... More »

Credit Card Processor Bares Massive Hacker Breach

Sophisticated hackers nab vast amounts credit card data

(Newser) - A credit card payment processor has disclosed a data breach that experts believe could be the biggest ever and may be putting millions of consumers at risk of ripoffs, the Washington Post reports. Heartland Payment Systems, which handles 100 million transactions from 250,000 businesses every month, believes malicious software... More »

PayPal Swiping Credit Card Market

Fraud-wary consumers turn to alternative payment methods

(Newser) - With identity theft jumping 50% since 2003, more people are turning from credit cards to Internet-based payment services like PayPal and Google Checkout for online purchases and, increasingly, everyday transactions, Business Week reports. Roughly 30% of US online shoppers used an alternative payment service last year. "Consumers are afraid... More »

3 Stories