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What Women Eat May Play Role in Age of Menopause

Study suggests those who eat more pasta may see earlier onset

(Newser) - A new study suggests that a woman's diet plays a role in when menopause begins. UK researchers emphasize that their research doesn't show cause and effect—meaning they're not advocating that anyone change their diet—but the bottom-line findings are drawing attention. The average age of menopause... More »

Scientists Say They've Found a Sixth Taste

Call it 'starchy'

(Newser) - Wondering why a bread bowl full of pasta with fries on the side sounds like it would really hit the spot right now? It could be a heretofore unknown sixth taste that a group of scientists claims to have discovered, Science Alert reports. Up until now, the five tastes humans... More »

Study: Carbs Are Not a Dieter's Enemy

A physician's mathematical model proves to be correct

(Newser) - Think carbs are a dieter's enemy? It turns out restricting one's fat intake leads to a 68% greater loss of body fat than restricting the same amount of calories through carbohydrates in obese adults on strictly controlled diets—and this is in spite of the fact that a... More »

President Taft's Diet Secret: Cutting Carbs

Biggest president's health moves resemble today's: expert

(Newser) - William Howard Taft—our fattest president—used dieting techniques that wouldn't be unusual today; in fact, he dropped 60 pounds on a low-carb regime, says historian Deborah Levine, who recently analyzed correspondence between Taft and his British doctor. The two wrote to each other for 10 years, during which... More »

New Diet Advice: Bring on the Carbs

Well, the good carbs, at least

(Newser) - Eggs are bad for you; eggs are good for you. Drink lots of milk; avoid dairy. Who can keep up with diet recommendations these days? Case in point: Carbohydrates, which became quite unpopular thanks to the Atkins diet, are making a comeback. New weight loss plans focus on enjoying what... More »

Low-Carb Diet Linked to Lower Blood Pressure

Both low-fat plan and Atkins-style regimen lead to weight loss

(Newser) - Besides leading to weight loss, a low-carbohydrate diet helps lower blood pressure, according to a new study. Research subjects randomly assigned to a low-carb regimen lost about as much weight as patients following a low-fat plan and taking a weight-loss drug—the generic version of the medication marketed as Alli—... More »

Why You're Still Chubby

Common mistakes can prevent weight loss

(Newser) - If you've mustered the energy to lose weight, nothing is more frustrating than not seeing results. Men's Health lists some common mistakes:
  1. Too much carb consumption
  2. You're eating low-fat foods, but more of them
  3. Skipping breakfast can lead to sugar bingeing
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10 Ways to Eat More Grains

Here are some easy suggestions for making your diet healthier

(Newser) - Did you vow to eat healthier in 2008? Start by adding whole grains to your diet with these these 10 tips from the South Florida Sun-Sentinel:
  1. When a recipe calls for white flour, use half white flour and half whole wheat.
  2. Add ½ cup of cooked bulgur, wild rice, or
... More »

9 Not-So-Good 'Good' Foods

That bran muffin might not be doing your body the wonders you thought

(Newser) - The authors of Eat This, Not That! provided Men's Health with 9 foods that aren't as healthy as they claim. Replace your:
  1. Bran muffin (420 calories, 20g fat) with ham, egg, and cheese on an English muffin (300 calories, 12g fat)
  2. Chicken Caesar salad (900 calories, 60g fat) with grilled
... More »

Cat Diabetes Becoming a Weighty Problem

Some vets think dry, high-carb kibble is a major culprit

(Newser) - If your cat is fat, he might have an even bigger problem. The rate of type 2 diabetes among pets—particularly cats—is soaring, reports the Chicago Tribune. Experts aren't in total agreement about why, but in general they think that our furry feline companions are developing the disease for... More »

Dark Bread, Beans Make Babies

Time to celebrate! High-fat ice cream increases fertility

(Newser) - Brown rice, dark bread, high-fat ice cream, and beans increase fertility, according to a recent Harvard study on diet. Foods not so great for making babies include breakfast cereal, potatoes, trans fats, and frozen yogurt, the researchers report in Newsweek. The study of 18,000 nurses' eating habits linked success... More »

Starchy Foods Increase Diabetes Risk

But adding whole grains to the diet improves the odds

(Newser) - African-American and Chinese women whose diets are high in starchy foods like white rice are at bigger risk for developing Type 2 diabetes, researchers have discovered. The good news is that eating whole-grain foods can help reduce the risk, according to two studies in the Archives of Internal Medicine. As... More »

Time to Stop Blaming the Turkey

Carbs do as much as tryptophan to put you to sleep after Thanksgiving feast

(Newser) - It's time to stop blaming the tryptophan for your post-feast snooze, says LiveScience Bad Medicine columnist Christopher Wanjek. The chemical, found in turkey, does affect sleep, but cheddar cheese is also packed with it and doesn't get the same bad rap. The real Turkey Day culprit is the "combination... More »

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