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E-Book Boom Fizzles

Sales growth bottoms out after years of huge increases

(Newser) - The e-book boom looks to be finished, writes Nicholas Carr at the Rough Type blog. He picks up on stats from the Association of American Publishers that show just a 5% increase in sales in the first quarter of 2013 compared to the previous year. That's "anemic,"... More »

Amazon Hiring Binge Signals 'iPad Killer' Coming

Firm announces Android version amid 'Superkindle' Rumors

(Newser) - Amazon appears to be working on a killer of its own to take on the "Kindle-killer" iPad. The division of the company that cooked up the Kindle has gone on a major hiring spree recently, and its job listings—from Software Quality Assurance Engineer to Software Development Test Engineer—... More »

Why E-Books Are as Big as Gutenberg

(Newser) - The e-book revolution won’t “be a simple matter of trading ink for pixels,” writes futurist Steven Johnson in the Wall Street Journal. Books have become “the dark matter of the information universe,” walled off from our new hyperlinked, Google-indexed frame of reference, but that’s... More »

Amazon's E-Reader Sells Out Within Hours

Kindle gets mixed reviews, but it's gone in a flash

(Newser) - Amazon’s pre-Thanksgiving launch of the Kindle, an electronic book reader, sold out in just five and a half hours, reports Engadget. The $399 device is able to download books directly from Amazon’s wireless network, which piggybacks on Sprint’s, bypassing Wi-Fi hotspots and making it independent of computers.... More »

4 Stories