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FBI: Murders Up 11% in 2015—but There's Context

Stats for violent crime, including rapes and robberies, still below rates from 20 years ago

(Newser) - The number of murders in the US rose 11% last year from 2014, while the number of violent crimes saw a modest increase of 4% after two years of decline, per an FBI press release . Rapes rose 6.3%, aggravated assaults increased 4.6%, and robberies rose by 1.4%... More »

Cops Fatally Shoot 2 Americans Per Day

The Washington Post starts 'unprecedented' tally

(Newser) - Police are shooting Americans dead at a rate of over two per day, according to a Washington Post tally that the newspaper calls "an unprecedented examination of these shootings." In the first five months of its year-long project to compile fatal police shootings, the Post has documented 385—... More »

FBI Finally Includes Men in Definition of Rape

Until now, only rapes of women have been counted

(Newser) - The FBI is at long last changing its definition of rape to include males, after years of pressure from advocacy groups. For the past 85 years, the bureau has defined rape as "carnal knowledge of a female forcibly and against her will," a definition that would exclude, for... More »

FBI Urged to Broaden Definition of Rape

Crime stats don't reflect reality, top cops say

(Newser) - Many more rapes take place in the US than the FBI's figures suggest, say campaigners urging the federal government to broaden its definition of rape. The FBI's definition, written more than 80 years ago, defines rape as "the carnal knowledge of a female, forcibly and against her... More »

Violent Crime Drops 5.5% Nationwide

FBI reports crime dropped almost across the board in 2010

(Newser) - America just got a little safer. The number of violent crimes in the US dropped 5.5% last year compared to 2009, and the number of property crimes sank 2.8%, the FBI announced today. In fact, 2010 saw declines in all four categories of violent crime—murder, rape, robbery,... More »

Hate Crimes Up Just 2%, But Gay-Bashing Soars: FBI

Religiously motivated crimes also surge

(Newser) - The incidence of reported hate crimes in the US rose 2% in 2008, with huge surges in religion- and sexual orientation-based offenses. The FBI compiled the stats but cautions that an increase in reporting—not in crime itself—could be responsible. The AP looks at some numbers:
  • Of 7,783
... More »

Alarmist Report on Black Murders Is Bad Math

Statistics shows the furor over murder spike may be misplaced

(Newser) - The widespread publication of an ominous-looking rise in black teen homicide rates has created a disturbing buzz, but the apparent spike in murderous youths may not be nearly as drastic as it sounds. The Freakonomics Blog explains why: Compared with the jump in the 1990s, this recent rise is nearly... More »

How Bad's Your Neighborhood? Find Out Online

New website maps out police data for the public

(Newser) - Neighborhood Watch just got a digital upgrade, reports the AP., the brainchild of a suburban DC dweller who accidentally let a burglar into his apartment building, mines police logs for data on crimes and plots them all on Google maps. Users can set up email alerts to keep... More »

FBI: Violent Crime Down

First 6 months of 2007 saw reversal of upswing

(Newser) - Rates of violent crime, including murder, fell during the first six months of 2007, reversing a recent trend, a preliminary FBI review shows. An overall decline of 1% in murders, including a 6.5% drop in the nation’s largest cities, accompanied a 2% dip in violent crime and drops... More »

LA Murder Rate Plummets

Homicides at lowest rate since 1970

(Newser) - The murder rate in Los Angeles has sunk to its lowest in nearly 40 years, the Los Angeles Times reports. There have been 368 killings in the City of Angels this year, down from over 1,000 in 1992. The last time the murder rate was so low was 1970,... More »

NYC Murder Rate in Free Fall

New York City murder rate drops to lowest in more than four decades

(Newser) - The murder rate in New York City hit a new low this year—the lowest it's been in the 44 years reliable statistics have been kept, reports the New York Times. And if early analysis holds up, of the fewer than 500 murders this year, fewer than 100 will have... More »

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