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Doubt Dominates SAG Noms

Streep, Hoffman earn nods; Pitt, Jolie, Penn join them

(Newser) - The Screen Actors Guild released its award nominees today, and left no Doubt which flick had the most star power in 2008. As with the Golden Globes, all four Doubt leads earned nods, which, combined with a best ensemble nomination, gave it the most potential honors overall.  Brangelina again... More »

Frost/Nixon Even Better on Film

Solid interview, good play, better movie

(Newser) - Frost/Nixon is “less a political movie than a boxing film without the gloves,” writes Kirk Honeycutt in the Hollywood Reporter, and it’s knocking out critics. The film is based on a much-honored play, and “the surprising news is that Frost/Nixon works even better on screen,”... More »

Langella Lovely in Evening

Starting Out in the Evening draws praise

(Newser) - Critics are fond of Starting Out in the Evening, starring Frank Langella as an aging novelist who is sought out by an energetic young grad student. "The picture feels both intimate and immediate, a model for what smart young filmmakers can do with good material," says Stephanie Zacharek... More »

3 Stories