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Man Gets 22 Years in Prison After Stealing TV Remote

Eric Bramwell 'repeatedly thumbed his nose at the law': state's attorney

(Newser) - If 22 years in prison seems harsh for stealing a TV remote control, Eric Bramwell probably agrees—but, based on his past criminal history, authorities in Illinois say it's a well-deserved sentence. Per the Chicago Tribune , the 35-year-old Melrose Park man was handed his fate on Wednesday by DuPage... More »

Inventor of First TV Remote Dead

Eugene Polley created the Flash-Matic for Zenith in the 1950s

(Newser) - Couch potatoes everywhere can pause and thank Eugene Polley for hours of feet-up channel surfing. His invention, the first wireless TV remote, began as a luxury, but with the introduction of hundreds of channels and viewing technologies it has become a necessity. Polley died of natural causes at a suburban... More »

Doobly? Fipper? What Do You Call the Remote?

Nearly family, remote deserves a nickname

(Newser) - The English Project is looking for unique words used among friends and families, and it's found a particularly rich vein in alternative terms for the TV remote control, the Guardian of London reports. Favorites include:
  • doobly, podger, blipper
  • melly, didge, clicker
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Ten Christmas Wishes From Wired

Number one is a slinky, and that's awesome

(Newser) - Wired editors have picked out their gadget wish list for the holidays this year, and while the list includes some high-tech toys like TVs and palmtops, it starts out with a standby: a slinky.
  1. Slinky (everyone knows it's slinky)
  2. Nokia N810 (open source palmtop)
  3. Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean (invincible wristwatch)
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4 Stories