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Aussie PM Defeated in Duel to the Political Death

Rudd defeats Gillard 57-45, takes back power again

(Newser) - The long struggle between Julia Gillard and Kevin Rudd for leadership of Australia's Labor Party—and subsequently Australia—is finally over, with Rudd defeating Gillard to take the reins once again. Rudd won a party caucus vote 57 to 45, after Gillard—who ousted Rudd as prime minister in... More »

Aussie PM Survives Leadership Challenge

Gillard fends off Rudd bid to regain power

(Newser) - Julia Gillard has fought off a challenge from the man she ousted in 2010 and will remain as leader of the Labor Party and prime minister of Australia. She beat Kevin Rudd 71 votes to 31 in a leadership ballot, ending months of political strife that saw Rudd resign as... More »

Australia's Foreign Minister Resigns

Kevin Rudd in leadership rift with Prime Minister Julia Gillard

(Newser) - Australia's foreign minister resigned today in a bitter rift with Prime Minister Julia Gillard, who may poll party lawmakers next week on who should lead the country. Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd announced his resignation during a news conference in Washington, where he was visiting on official business, and he... More »

Australia Gets First Female PM

Gillard takes charge after party dumps Rudd

(Newser) - Julia Gillard has become Australia's first prime minister after a revolt within the ruling Labor Party ousted Kevin Rudd. Rudd—who led the party to a landslide victory less than 3 years ago—got the heave-ho from lawmakers worried that his growing unpopularity would cause Labor to lose power in... More »

Aussie 'Tough Love' Upends Aboriginal Society

Government push to stop alcoholism, violence erodes power of tribal elders

(Newser) - Australia's controversial "tough love" program is toppling the Aborigines' traditional social structure, the Wall Street Journal reports. The government's effort to tackle rampant violence, child abuse, and alcoholism among Aborigines by banning alcohol sales and supplying welfare payments in credit for food and other essentials instead of cash has... More »

Rocker Takes Stage as Australia's Eco Minister

Ex-Midnight Oil frontman's new job sign of Labor Party revolution

(Newser) - Singer Peter Garrett, the menacing frontman of '80s punk rock band Midnight Oil, is now Australia's new environment minister.The appointment of the towering, hyperactive Garrett signals the new Labor government's aggressive makeover after 12 years of conservative leadership and the importance it places on global warming, the London Times... More »

Rudd Inherits Red-Hot Economy

New Aussie PM faces inflationary risks in boom times

(Newser) - New Aussie PM Kevin Rudd inherits a booming economy, but that doesn't mean it's going to be an easy ride for his center-left government, the Wall Street Journal warns. Demand for Australia's natural resources is feverish and inflation is already uncomfortably high. Rudd has vowed to pump about $48 billion... More »

Labor Takes Australian Elections

11-year PM John Howard concedes to former diplomat

(Newser) - Former Diplomat Kevin Rudd is poised to become Australia's new prime minister after his Labor Party claimed victory in yesterday's elections. Labor expects to take at least 83 of the 150 seats in Parliament, Reuters reports. Meanwhile, current PM John Howard faces the possibility of losing his own seat in... More »

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