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Russia Blacklists 18 Americans

John Yoo, Gitmo honchos among those named in retaliation for US list

(Newser) - Russia and the US are engaging in a little diplomatic war over alleged human-rights abuses, and one of the new casualties is former Justice Department lawyer John Yoo—the man who wrote the legal memos justifying harsh interrogation in the Bush administration. Yoo, former Cheney chief of staff David Addington,... More »

No Torture Trial for 'Bush Six': Spain's Top Cop

Case would turn courts into political 'plaything,' he says

(Newser) - Spanish prosecutors will recommend against opening an investigation into whether six Bush administration officials sanctioned torture against terror suspects at Guantanamo Bay, the country’s attorney general said today. The case against former high-ranking figures like Alberto Gonzales was without merit, he said, because the men weren’t present when... More »

Cheney's Brain Smug, Evasive in Testimony

Administration's shadowy architect bridles under spotlight

(Newser) - Dick Cheney’s chief of staff David Addington has long lurked in the shadows of the Bush administration, building its view of the imperial presidency, writes Dana Milbank of the Washington Post. But yesterday, “Cheney’s Cheney” was forced to step into the light and testify before Congress—and... More »

Showdown Looms Over Cheney Staffer

VP battling House subpoena for key aide on interrogation policy

(Newser) - Whether a key Dick Cheney aide can be forced to testify is at the heart of a pending blow-up between Congress and the White House over a probe into interrogation techniques, Reuters reports. The House Judiciary Committee plans to subpoena Cheney's chief of staff, David Addington—but the vice president... More »

Bush Lawyers Talked to CIA About Tapes

Gonzales, Miers met intelligence officials before their destruction

(Newser) - Alberto Gonzales and at least three other White House lawyers were involved in discussions with the CIA before the agency destroyed interrogation videotapes in 2005, the New York Times reports. Gonzales, Harriet Miers, David Addington, and John Bellinger all met with CIA officials, the Times says, based on interviews with... More »

The Cheney Behind Cheney

VP's chief of staff is architect of some of his most extreme positions

(Newser) - A new book by former Bush insider Jack Goldstein, The Terror Presidency, spotlights David Addington, the reclusive counsel and key player to Dick Cheney. Called "Cheney's Cheney" in some circles, Addington has designed some of the White House's most controversial policies, including rendition, warrantless wiretapping, and the use of... More »

6 Stories