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The Worst Pop Music Puns

When humor and music don't harmonize

(Newser) - Hate puns? Consider this stinker from Robbie Williams' latest record: "What's so great about the great depression/Is it a blast for you?/Because it's blas-phe-my." Ouch. Puns are uniformly terrible in pop and rock. NME cobbles together some of the worst pun song titles:
  • Salt N Pepa: "A
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New Trend May Have Fans Shout, 'I Want My ITV!'

'Interactive video' changing way users view music videos online, experts say

(Newser) - MTV just may become a thing of the past, thanks to a new wave sweeping the Net called “interactive video.” Encouraged by the popularity of music videos online, but frustrated by poor web quality, producers are allowing users to create their own video-viewing experience. Indie favorite Arcade Fire... More »

2 Stories