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65% of DC Cameras Hacked Before Inauguration

Computers used to distribute ransomware; 2 Romanians charged

(Newser) - Romanian hackers infiltrated 65% of outdoor surveillance cameras in Washington, DC, ahead of President Trump's inauguration as part of an extortion scheme only now being made public, according to a criminal complaint. The complaint, filed in DC and unsealed Thursday, accuses Romanians Mihai Alexandru Isvanca, 25, and Eveline Cismaru,... More »

China Is Watching Us, or at Least Chinese Cameras Are

'Wall Street Journal' looks at security concerns over industry leader Hikvision

(Newser) - It may not be a household name in the US, but many Americans have surely come under the gaze of a product made by the Chinese company Hikvision. As the Wall Street Journal reports, Hikvision is the No. 2 seller of surveillance equipment in the US and is No. 1... More »

We Saw Terrorists Spying at Airport Way Before 9/11: Witnesses

Reports of al-Qaeda operatives surveying Logan were allegedly ignored

(Newser) - Three American Airlines employees reported spotting 9/11 ringleader Mohamed Atta and at least one other man snooping around and videotaping security checkpoints at Boston's Logan Airport in May 2001—but no one did anything about it, according to newly released court papers cited in the New York Post . The... More »

Poll: 78% Now OK With More Surveillance Cameras

Public strongly approves of how Boston bombings were handled

(Newser) - Public opinion is firmly behind having more surveillance cameras in public places in the wake of the Boston Marathon bombings, according to a new CBS / New York Times poll. Some 78% of people called the cameras—which helped identify the suspects—a good idea, and only 20% said the... More »

We Don't Need More Security Cameras

Timothy Carney argues that more surveillance isn't the answer

(Newser) - In the wake of the Boston Marathon bombings, many are calling for more security cameras and surveillance, which is pretty predictable, because every terrorist attack has Americans scrambling to sacrifice civil liberties on the altar of public safety, observes Timothy Carney at the Washington Examiner . "But the story of... More »

British Cop Chases Suspect: Himself

Security camera confusion leads to hilarious pursuit

(Newser) - For 20 minutes, an undercover British police officer intrepidly tracked a suspicious person in an area recently hit with a spate of burglaries. Unfortunately, the officer was chasing himself. How? An operator watching the street via security camera alerted the plain-clothes officer of a suspicious person in the area—not... More »

Hacked Home Security Cams Link to Bedroom Scenes

Web users accessing Trendnet cams without passwords

(Newser) - Feeds from an extensive network of home security cameras have been breached, and videos, including scenes from children's bedrooms, are being watched and linked to online. "Someone caught a guy getting naked in Denmark," noted one blogger. Another remarked: "Baby spotted. I feel like a pedophile... More »

Man Apologizes While Robbing Gas Station

And says 'sir' and 'thank you' to boot

(Newser) - On Saturday, John Henry was working at the Washington Shell station he owns when a “very polite guy” walked in to buy a cup of coffee—and rob the store. “Can you do me a favor?” the man asked as he pulled a gun out of his pocket.... More »

Bridezilla Rampage Caught on Tape

Bride goes berserk on Detroit store owner

(Newser) - A bridal shop brawl was caught on tape in Detroit when a customer freaked out after the shopkeeper refused to alter her dress. Watch footage of the bride-to-be's posse rampaging throughout the store in the gallery. In a more extensive report (watch it here ), the store owner says, "... More »

Texas Inmate Made 70 Trips to Wal-Mart

He dyed uniform with coffee, shopped for cigarettes

(Newser) - A convicted burglar slipped out of prison in Texas to make a late-night run to Wal-Mart for cigarettes, then slipped back in. About 70 different times. The 19-year-old reportedly dyed his prison uniform with coffee so he wouldn't raise eyebrows at the store, reports the Austin American-Statesman . It also helped... More »

Yale Offers $10K Reward in Missing-Student Case

Search continues; still no evidence of foul play in disappearance of Le

(Newser) - Yale University offered a $10,000 reward today for information leading to the whereabouts of a missing graduate student. Meanwhile, investigators reviewed security-camera footage and checked the blueprints of the building where Annie Le was last seen on Tuesday. Le, 24, was supposed to be married Sunday. More »

London Cameras a Bust: 1 Crime Solved Per 1K

(Newser) - Surveillance cameras are nearly worthless in the fight against crime, a London police report concluded, with fewer than one crime solved annually for every 1,000 cameras.The UK is one of the world's most monitored countries, with one camera for every 14 people and 1 million cameras in London... More »

Big Apple Is Big Brother, Privacy Advocates Warn

(Newser) - Anti-terrorism measures planned for New York City have civil liberties groups worried, the Guardian of London reports. Operation Sentinel calls for cameras to be placed at every bridge and tunnel into Manhattan to photograph every vehicle entering and leaving. Details would then be kept on a huge city database. More »

US Firms Complicit as China Fortifies Police State

'Bush would do what they are doing here in a heartbeat if he could,' expert says

(Newser) - Free Tibet protests 3 months ago allowed China to road-test a new security network before the summer Olympics, Naomi Klein writes in Rolling Stone. Under the so-called “Golden Shield,” China is now installing closed-circuit cameras nationwide linked to facial recognition and other biometric software—technology from big-name US... More »

EU Eyes Anti-Terror Camera for Every Seat

System watches movement, faces

(Newser) - A camera may be planted in every airline seat in Europe, if an EU plan under development is approved. Dubbed SAFEE (Security of Aircraft in the Future European Environment), the system would also aim cameras at the aisles. Software would then watch for suspicious movements, gestures, and even facial expressions. More »

Police Issue Pics in UNC Probe

ATM surveillance photos show man who used Eve Carson's bank card

(Newser) - Police issued photos today of a "person of interest" in the killing of UNC-Chapel Hill student president Eve Carson, the News and Observer reports. The ATM camera shots show a black man, about 20, who used Carson's bank card and may have been driving her Toyota Highlander. "This... More »

Security Device Sector Booms

James Bond-style gadgets range from biometric keyboard to blast-proof curtains

(Newser) - The inventions that turned up this month at a competition to find the world's most promising security start-up sound like prop candidates for a James Bond film than the real world: explosion-proof curtains and a hand-held tester for exposure to nerve agents were featured alongside the winner, a night-vision camera... More »

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