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6 Celebs Who Waited for Marriage

...or at least said they were going to

(Newser) - Need a celebrity role model for your kids? The Stir rounds up 15 stars who stayed virgins until marriage—or at least for a long time:
  • Jessica Simpson: She famously vowed to remain a virgin until marriage, and did—the first time around. The second time around, not so much
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Nick Lachey Welcomes Son

Plus, babies for Levi Johnston and Adriana Lima

(Newser) - Well, Jessica Simpson will always be able to say that she had her kid before ex-husband Nick Lachey had his. Lachey and wife Vanessa welcomed a son yesterday, Celebuzz reports. Camden John Lachey was born last night and has already "redefined … love" for the couple, they say in... More »

Adriana Lima Unveils $2M Bra

Victoria's Secret 'Bombshell Fantasy Bra' is quite sparkly

(Newser) - Got an extra $2 million burning a hole in your pocket? Then the new Victoria’s Secret “Bombshell Fantasy Bra” is for you. Victoria’s Secret Angel Adriana Lima modeled the Damiani-designed bra at a luncheon yesterday, and insisted that the push-up bra is “comfortable” and keeps “... More »

Esquire's Hottest Woman: Christina Hendricks

'Mad Men' star graces May cover

(Newser) - Christina Hendricks can officially say "suck it" to anyone who thinks she’s a " big girl ": The Mad Men star was voted the best-looking woman in America in an Esquire poll, and is featured, quite sultrily, on the May cover. Victoria’s Secret model Adriana Lima came... More »

World's Most Valuable Models

From Gisele, Kate, and Adriana to some you've never heard of

(Newser) - Even supermodels are making less money these days. The Daily Beast came up with a formula to determine which are the most valuable, based on everything from runway work (weighed 10%) to cover appearances (10%) to income from contracts (40%):
  1. Gisele Bündchen: She no longer walks the runway, but
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Fey on Virginity: 'Couldn't Give It Away'

'Just good, Christian values,' comic tells Letterman. 'Or, being homely'

(Newser) - Tina Fey was a virgin until age 24—“couldn’t give it away,” she told David Letterman last night, as the two discussed a tabloid list of celebrities who stayed virgins until, as Fey put it, “they were really old.” Responding to Letterman, who called it... More »

The World's Top-Earning Models

Earnings down but Bundchen still managed to rake in $25 million

(Newser) - The downturn didn't spare the catwalk, but the world's top-earning models are still a long way from the breadline. Forbes lists the top 10 earners over the past year.
  1. Gisele Bundchen ($25 million, down $10 million from the previous year)
  2. Heidi Klum ($16 million)
  3. Kate Moss ($8.5 million)
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Celeb Virgins Find Chastity a Hit

Young stars with snow-white images winning fans

(Newser) - Young stars are defying the "sex sells" mantra by rising to success while emphasizing their virginity, ABC reports. Teen heart-throbs like Miley Cyrus and the Jonas Brothers, as well as older celebs like Victoria's Secret model Adriana Lima, appear to be part of a growing modesty movement and say... More »

T'wolves Protect Lead For a Change

Jaric, Telfair, Walker chip in for win against stingless Hornets

(Newser) - Two days after imploding against Atlanta, coughing up a 21-point lead, Minnesota protected a hot start for their second win in the season's first twelve games. Marko Jaric continued a hot streak with 21 points, and offseason pickups Sebastian Telfair and Antoine Walker added 20 and 17 in front of... More »

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