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Noisy Shrimp Named After Pink Floyd

Pistol shrimp's bright-pink claw makes such a loud sound it'll blow your mind

(Newser) - If you've ever been blown away by Pink Floyd, you'll get why scientists just named a similarly thunderous crustacean in its honor. Per a post in the Zootaxa journal , a species of pistol shrimp with an intensely colored red-pink claw, found in the Pacific Ocean near Panama, has... More »

She'd Been to 6 Continents by 23, Is Found Dead in Panama

Raids held on Bastimentos Island after Catherine Johannet's death

(Newser) - "I found paradise and it's called Isla Ina," wrote Catherine Johannet on Jan. 28 on Instagram of an island off Panama's coast. It would be the 23-year-old's final post. The 2015 Columbia University grad was found dead Sunday afternoon on the country's Bastimentos Island.... More »

This Jungle Is Notoriously Dangerous. Why People Enter It Anyway

Welcome to the Darien Gap, lure to migrants bound for US

(Newser) - The Pan-American Highway runs about 19,000 miles from Alaska to Argentina and manages to connect the Americas in remarkable fashion through a network of roads. Well, almost: Even this highway can't penetrate the Darien Gap, a dangerous stretch of rainforest on the border of Panama and Colombia. As... More »

North America's 1st Monkey Crossed a Sea to Get There

And it arrived 18M years before scientists thought possible

(Newser) - Researchers have discovered evidence that monkeys arrived in North America 18 million years earlier than previously believed, according to a study published Wednesday in Nature . And they were truly impressive monkeys indeed. The newly discovered Panamacebus transitus had to somehow cross the 100 miles of water that separated South America... More »

Winner of Panama Papers Scandal: Bernie Sanders?

He spoke out about offshore tax havens 5 years ago

(Newser) - "Panama is the world leader when it comes to allowing wealthy Americans and large corporations to evade US taxes by stashing their cash in offshore tax havens." It's a quote as timely today as it was in 2011 when Bernie Sanders spoke about the Panama Free Trade... More »

Airline Announces Longest Nonstop Flight in the World

Route from Dubai to Panama City on Emirates will take 17.5 hours

(Newser) - Seventeen hours and 35 minutes is how long you can expect to be in the air if you book tickets now for the world's longest nonstop flight, set for takeoff from Dubai and landing in Panama City, the National reports. Beginning Feb. 1, Emirates will snatch away those longest-flight... More »

Panama Gives Donald Trump Some Bad News

Joining Costa Rica and Mexico, Panama quits Miss Universe contest

(Newser) - Panama is joining several other Latin American nations in dropping out of the Miss Universe pageant in protest over Donald Trump's comments about immigrants . The Miss Panama Organization and the Telemetro television channel say that this year they won't participate in or broadcast the Miss Universe contest partly... More »

The 10 Happiest Countries

Once again, Panama leads the pack

(Newser) - US citizens who want a happier life may want to leave the country. The Gallup-Healthways Global Well-Being Index has issued its second annual list of country rankings, looking at 145 countries and how their residents fare in various "well-being elements." Those elements: a sense of purpose, social relationships,... More »

Manuel Noriega Breaks His 19-Year Silence

81-year-old ex-Panamanian dictator gives first jailhouse interview since 1996

(Newser) - Former dictator Manuel Noriega broke a 19-year silence to ask his compatriots yesterday to forgive actions by his military regime that culminated in the 1989 US invasion. Noriega began his brief jailhouse interview with local network Telemetro by reading a handwritten statement in which he said his apology came after... More »

Panama Shipwreck's Tale Is Finally Told

Researchers came upon Spanish ship Encarnacíon in 2011

(Newser) - It's been some four years since researchers discovered a shipwreck at the mouth of Panama's Chagres River; now, they're finally revealing its secrets. The Encarnacíon, built in Mexico, sank in 1681, and it tells a tale of a key historical moment, archaeologist Filipe Castro tells National ... More »

Jet Makes U-Turn to Toronto After Passenger's Threats

Suspect's father says his son is unstable but not violent

(Newser) - Passengers flying from Toronto to Panama had to make a U-turn just 45 minutes into their flight yesterday after a man aboard the plane started yelling about bombing Canada, reports the CBC . The captain felt threatened enough to notify NORAD, and two US fighter jets escorted the Sunwing Airlines jet... More »

Ex-Dictator Sues Over His Call of Duty Appearance

Manuel Noriega doesn't like being the bad guy

(Newser) - Apparently you need to be careful when screwing with notorious dictators—even when they've been in prison for decades. Manuel Noriega, former ruler of Panama, has sued Activision Entertainment for what he calls the "blatant misuse, unlawful exploitation, and misappropriation" of his likeness in Call of Duty: Black ... More »

Clash Over $1.6B Could Sink Panama Canal Project

Neither builders nor Canal Authority want to give up the funds

(Newser) - An ambitious plan to expand the Panama Canal may soon run aground—two-thirds of the way into the project. The $3.2 billion undertaking is supposed to see a third set of locks installed in order to allow larger vessels to pass through the canal by mid-2015. But that price... More »

Panama Arrests Ex-US Spy Over CIA Tactics

Authorities nab Robert Seldon Lady at Italy's behest

(Newser) - A former American spy has been arrested in Panama at Italy's behest over his role in the CIA's controversial Bush-era extraordinary rendition tactic . An Italian court convicted Robert Seldon Lady , the CIA's Milan bureau chief, and more than 20 other agents of kidnapping in 2009, but by... More »

North Korea to Panama: Give Back Our Ship

'Aging' weapons due for repair, return: Pyongyang

(Newser) - North Korea is finally weighing in on the seizure of its ship by Panama , and it says the weapons found on board are simply for repair and return to Cuba. "This cargo is nothing but aging weapons which are to be sent back to Cuba after overhauling them according... More »

Cuba: N. Korean Ship's Weapons Are Ours—and Old

'When this stuff was new, Castro was plotting revolutions'

(Newser) - North Korea—antique weapons repairer? The Cuban government says it owns the military equipment found on a North Korean ship seized by Panamanian authorities, and the "obsolete defensive weapons" found hidden in a cargo of sugar were to be repaired in the country before being returned to Cuba, the... More »

Weapons-Laden North Korean Ship Seized

Captain attempts suicide after Panama search

(Newser) - For North Korean weapons smugglers, death is apparently preferable to failure. Panamanian authorities say the captain of a North Korean-flagged ship tried to kill himself after military equipment was found concealed in containers of brown sugar, CNN reports. The ship, which had sailed from Cuba, was stopped on the Atlantic... More »

US Drops Drug Case: It Has ... Too Much Evidence?

Prosecutors: It's too costly to maintain files against doctor on the lam

(Newser) - After nine years of investigating, the US is dropping its case against a Panamanian doctor accused of making bogus sales of prescription drugs—in part because it has amassed too much evidence, the AP reports. The feds have collected two terabytes of electronic data and 440,000 documents on Armando... More »

Noriega Has Brain Tumor, Shouldn't Be Jailed: Lawyers

He has heart problems, depression, too

(Newser) - Manuel Noriega's lawyers are trying to get him out of prison just four months after the former Panamanian dictator was transferred back to his homeland to serve a 20-year sentence for the murders of two political opponents. They say Noriega—who spent the last 20 years in American and... More »

Unlikely Tourist Hotspots for 2012

Panama, Finland, and Myanmar top the list

(Newser) - If you like cool design, upscale safaris, or a forbidden communist island, the New York Times can recommend 45 locales to visit in 2012. Among them:
  • Panama. See the world-famous canal before its expansion, then stay for Panama City's economic boom and Frank Gehry's first design in Latin
... More »

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