Ricardo Sanchez

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Fox: Tea Parties Not Covered CNN: You Lie!

Ad sparks network tea party war

(Newser) - Rival networks were quick to go on the counterattack after being accused by Fox of ignoring last weekend's tea party protests in the capital, Mediaite reports. A full-page Washington Post ad from Fox asked, "How Did ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC And CNN Miss This Story," prompting the... More »

Ex-US Commander in Iraq Bashes Bush in Memoir

President once proclaimed, 'Kick ass!'

(Newser) - Retired Lt. Gen. Ricardo Sanchez, who led US forces in Iraq for a year after Saddam’s ouster, says George W. Bush “led America into a strategic blunder of historic proportions” in a memoir the Washington Post deems “lost in the media furor” over Scott McClellan's. Sanchez recounts... More »

Rumsfeld Dodged Early Iraq Failures: Sanchez

Former general speaks out in new book, describes lies and 'total BS'

(Newser) - Early mistakes in Iraq—and the extent of Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld's involvement in them—are the subject of a Time excerpt from a book by the former commander of US forces in Iraq, Gen. Ricardo Sanchez. Sanchez details an effort by Rumsfeld to get him to agree, on paper,... More »

General's Anti-War Turn Thrills Dems

Ex-Iraq commander forges surprising bond with Pelosi

(Newser) - Nancy Pelosi has made one of her strangest alliances yet with ousted Iraq commander Ricardo Sanchez, and their bring-the-troops-home alliance thrills Democratic leaders but baffles others, the Washington Post reports. Sanchez, forced to retire over the Abu Ghraib scandal, delivered last weekend’s Democratic radio address and blasted President Bush’... More »

4 Stories