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Why Thieves Are Going After Grease

'It’s almost like a pawn shop or scrap-metal business'

(Newser) - Do you want grease with that? Apparently thieves do, as the leftover gunk that restaurants use to fry your food and then accumulate in their kitchens has become a serious commodity. As US refiners are processing record amounts of grease to meet government mandates for renewable fuels—3.84 million... More »

Coming Soon: Tires Made With Soybean Oil?

Goodyear says the prototypes' tread life lasts 10% longer

(Newser) - All hail the mighty soybean. Turns out that oil extracted from it could be strong enough to support your ride. Goodyear is in the midst of testing tires partially made with soybean oil, and the results thus far are encouraging: Not only do they work, they extend the tire's... More »

Report: Earth Heading for Point of No Return

Biodiversity down, and resources being eaten up

(Newser) - Humans are using up Earth’s resources much faster than they can be renewed—it takes the Earth 1.5 years to make up for what we use in just one year, according to a disturbing new report from the World Wildlife Fund . Last year, humans went through the full... More »

Pepsi Designs 100% Plant-Based Bottle

Made of renewable materials like corn husks, pine bark

(Newser) - PepsiCo has developed the world's first plastic bottle made of nothing but renewable, plant-based materials, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports. The bottle is made from corn husks, switch grass, and pine bark; but in the future, Pepsi hopes to use its food byproducts like orange and potato peels. Pepsi will start... More »

Next Alternative Energy Source: Pee

Scientist develops method to pull hydrogen from urine

(Newser) - Someday, you may be able to power your home by taking a leak. Ohio University biomolecular engineer Gerardine Botte says she has developed a technology that can pull hydrogen power out of pee, the Guardian reports. Just put an electrode in wastewater, apply a little electricity, and voila—hydrogen atoms... More »

Wind Power Finds Its Sea Legs

Turbines that can float in deeper waters would mean more power, and revenue

(Newser) - An answer to the world's energy crisis might be a breeze, the Economist reports—specifically, a breeze offshore. With wind blowing twice as fast offshore than on, engineers have been racing to develop technology to "float" wind turbines far out in the ocean—where they won't ruin coveted views... More »

Google Searches Green Energy

Company pledges to spend hundreds of millions on renewable energy initiative

(Newser) - Google is making a huge financial push to replace coal with cleaner, cheaper renewable energy. The company says it will invest "tens of millions" in the search next year, starting with solar, wind, and geothermal technology, and hundreds of millions more in subsequent years, MarketWatch reports. The company says... More »

7 Stories