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Republican Senator Compares Trump to Stalin

Jeff Flake will take his fight with the president to the floor of the Senate Wednesday

(Newser) - It isn't often that a member of the U.S. Senate compares the president of the United States and the leader of his own party to Josef Stalin, but that's just what Jeff Flake did today, Politico reports. Appearing on MSNBC, the Arizona Republican said that Trump's... More »

In Rare Move, China Elevates Xi Jinping to Status of Mao

Chinese leader's ideology is enshrined in constitution, will be taught in schools

(Newser) - Prepare to hear the name Xi Jinping for years to come as a main player on the world stage. China's Communist Party on Tuesday made a rare constitutional move that elevates Xi to the status of Mao Zedong and sets the stage for him to rule indefinitely. Specifically, the... More »

China: Stop Calling President 'Big Daddy Xi'

Officials seem to fear nickname is creating a Mao-like cult of personality

(Newser) - It seemed a good idea at the time, but China's propaganda officials are now reportedly walking back one particular attempt to paint President Xi Jinping as the "people's president" by asking state media to stop referring to him by his nickname, per the Guardian . That nickname is... More »

Guy Gets 14 Months for Splashing Mao

He chucked ink at giant Beijing portrait

(Newser) - The official Chinese Communist Party line on Mao Zedong is that he was "70% right and 30% wrong"—but defacing his portrait is still 100% forbidden. According to state media, a 42-year-old man who splashed ink on the huge portrait of the chairman that hangs in Beijing's... More »

Bo Xilai Son Racked Up Porsche Tickets at Harvard

Bo Guagua still insists he's no playboy

(Newser) - It turns out Bo Xilai's "Harvard princeling" son is a bit of a playboy after all. While Bo Guagua has indignantly shot down media reports that he drives a Ferrari, he has racked up three traffic tickets zipping around Boston in what appears to be a pricey black... More »

China Cracks Down on Maoists

Leftist revival halted after top party official fired

(Newser) - The Chinese Communist Party is cracking down on people who are a little too enthusiastic about the man who led it to power in 1949. The firing of Chongqing party chief Bo Xilai , who led a Maoist revival, has been followed by a purge of websites promoting Mao Zedong-era songs... More »

Confucius Rises Again in China

Tiananmen statue shows leadership has re-embraced him

(Newser) - Chinese leaders are re-embracing a once-scorned familiar figure: Confucius. A giant bronze statue of the ancient philosopher now stands on the hallowed ground of Tiananmen Sqaure, reports the Guardian . That means he's sharing space with none other than Mao, who officially condemned the teachings of Confucius amid his purge of... More »

Mao: Greatest Mass Murderer

Chinese leader killed 45M from 1958 to 1962: Historian

(Newser) - Mao Zedong is the greatest mass murderer in history, having coordinated the death of 45 million Chinese peasants from 1958 to 1962, the Independent reports. Historian Frank Dikötter is the first to examine a block of Communist Party archives made available four year ago, and found—despite official whitewashing—... More »

Beck Moves Obama From 'Hitler' to 'Mao'

Hollywood in cahoots with the prez to force us to volunteer

(Newser) - Apparently, Hollywood’s dumb-named “iParticipate” campaign is the worst thing since the Great Leap Forward. Sixty network shows will work volunteerism and community service into the plot this week, and in Glenn Beck’s mind, this, coupled with Obama's own push for volunteerism, is the stuff conspiracies are made... More »

White House Doesn't Take Glenn Beck 'Very Seriously'

Administration not sweating Fox host's campaign against Anita Dunn

(Newser) - Fox talking head Glenn Beck has White House communications director Anita Dunn in his crosshairs, but the administration isn't exactly sweating. "I caught some of that from the Glenn Beck show yesterday, but I don't think anybody takes it—takes his attacks very seriously," the deputy White House... More »

White House-Fox Spat Now Involves ... Mao

In old video, communications director Anita Dunn calls Chinese leader a favorite

(Newser) - That was quick. The White House sent communications director Anita Dunn after Fox over the weekend, and now an old video has surfaced—much to the delight of Glenn Beck and others—in which she calls Mao one of her "favorite political philosophers." In a speech to high... More »

Massive Parade Marks China's 60th Birthday

Huge festivities combine modern power with Communist kitsch

(Newser) - A massive procession of tanks, troops, and nuclear missile launchers paraded through Beijing today, 60 years after Mao Zedong stood in Tiananmen Square and proclaimed the founding of the People's Republic of China. The rigorously choreographed procession combined old-school Communist imagery—including tens of thousands of children flipping colored cards... More »

'Grandson Mao' Rises Through Army Ranks

Chairman's heir becomes youngest-ever general

(Newser) - Chairman Mao's grandson and only surviving male heir looks unlikely to ever become China's Great Helmsman, but he is rising through the ranks of the People's Liberation Army. At the age of 39 he's the nation's youngest-ever general. Mao Xinyu has no memories of his famous grandfather, who died in... More »

As Capitalism Crumbles, Chinese Embrace Mao, Marx

(Newser) - The woes of international capitalism are fueling renewed interest in the ur-texts of Chinese Communism, MSNBC reports. Sales of Karl Marx’s Das Kapital and Mao’s “little red book” are skyrocketing in China, where the publisher of Kapital has seen a fivefold increase in sales since late last... More »

In China's West, Muslims Keep Their Own Time

(Newser) - There are two time zones in Kashgar, China, and they’re two hours apart. Which you follow depends not on geographic location, but on ethnic identity. The town’s dominant Muslim Uighur minority refuses to set its clocks by China’s single, standardized time, instead using the same wacky, sun-based... More »

Mao Successor Hua Dies at 87

'Gang of Four' arrest credited with preventing civil war

(Newser) - Hua Guofeng, the man who succeeded Mao Zedong as China’s second Communist leader, died today at age 87, the Daily Telegraph reports. Guofeng was most noted for arresting the “Gang of Four,” a group of radicals, led by Mao’s widow, bent on miring China in isolated... More »

Ping-Pong Got Ball Rolling to Beijing Games

Two players braved Sino-US frost with landmark '71 visit

(Newser) - It wasn't statesmen who broke China's 22 years of isolation from the West in 1971, but rather, Sports Illustrated notes, grown men with paddles. When Glenn Cowan accidentally jumped on the Chinese team bus during world table-tennis championships in Japan, star Zhuang Zedong brushed aside Mao's anti-capitalist harangues to greet... More »

Mao Offered US 10M Chinese Women

He joked to Kissinger in 1973 that his nation had way too many

(Newser) - China’s Mao Zedong once jokingly offered the US 10 million women from his poor, overpopulated country to kickstart bilateral trade, the BBC reports. Other talks covered the Soviet threat, but during one chummy meeting with Henry Kissinger in Beijing in 1973, Mao said China’s female influx produced too... More »

NAACP Blasts MLK Sculptor

Says Chinese artist hails from, glorifies abusive country

(Newser) - California’s NAACP chapter has condemned the Martin Luther King Jr. memorial planned for the National Mall, saying the choice of a Chinese artist “is in direct opposition to Dr. King’s philosophy.” Lei Yixin not only hails from the country “with the worst record of human... More »

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