Chrysler Building

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NYC Dims Lights for Migrating Birds

Feathered friends confused by the light, scientists believe

(Newser) - The city that never sleeps will be a little less bright through Nov. 1, as buildings hit the lights to protect migrating birds. An estimated 90,000 birds die each year by slamming into buildings in NYC alone; turning lights off can reduce that number by 83%, according to one... More »

Petrodollars Snap Up Americana

Foreigners 'recycle' bucks with trophy buys like Chrysler Building

(Newser) - Foreign investors flush with dollars from the global commodities boom are using those greenbacks to buy flashy American properties, the New York Times reports. The government of Abu Dhabi bought a 75% stake in the Chrysler building Tuesday. Other recent "trophy" buys have included Donald Trump's Palm Beach mansion... More »

Abu Dhabi to Buy Chrysler Building

Sovereign wealth fund offers $800M for NYC landmark

(Newser) - The Chrysler Building—a jewel of the New York City skyline since 1930—is poised to be sold to the Abu Dhabi Investment Council, reports the New York Post. The nation's oil-rich sovereign wealth fund is offering $800M for a 75% stake in the skyscraper. More »

Tower Takes 2nd-Tallest NYC Honors

New BofA building outgrows Chrysler; only Empire State is taller

(Newser) - The Big Apple skyline’s getting a new No. 2, the New York Observer reports: Bank of America's new headquarters is set to overtake the Chrysler Building this week as runner-up to the Empire State Building. Luckily for the newcomer, height is traditionally marked at the “structural top”: The... More »

4 Stories