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Wanna Buy the Chunnel? Get it Now From Slash Gordon

Brown mounts $25.3B asset sale, including underwater rail link

(Newser) - British Prime Minister Gordon Brown is launching a massive $25.3 billion sell-off of Britain's assets, ranging from student loans to the Chunnel linking England and France, in order to reduce record deficits and maintain public expenditures. As the British election draws nearer, the Labor Party is attempting to burnish... More »

Female Leaders Provide More, Are Thanked Less

Study in Indian villages shows women make government work for people, who in turn dislike their leaders

(Newser) - Women in power provide public services at higher levels, and they get less respect for it, a study of Indian villages shows. Researchers studied the impact of female leadership by tracking a law mandating that women lead councils in a third of villages. The quality of schools, health care and... More »

2 Stories