Nicolas Maduro

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Citigroup to Sell Nearly $1.4B in Venezuelan Gold

After Maduro's government fails to repay loan

(Newser) - Before the US stepped up sanctions on Nicolas Maduro's government, Citigroup struck a deal with Venezuela—and with part of that deal having expired, the bank plans to sell several tons of gold Venezuela had offered as collateral in what Reuters calls a "setback" for Maduro. His government... More »

US Pulling Last of Embassy Staff From Caracas

Pompeo slams Cuba, Russia for Maduro support

(Newser) - Secretary of State Mike Pompeo says the United States is withdrawing the last of its staff from its embassy in Venezuela, citing the deteriorating situation. Pompeo announced the decision late Monday as Venezuela struggled to restore electricity following four days of blackouts around the country and a deepening political crisis,... More »

Power Outages Slam Most of Venezuela

The capital Caracas was a mess during Thursday's rush hour

(Newser) - Venezuela has been plagued by confusion and violence over the past few weeks, and now a new problem is exacerbating things: power outages across most of the country. The AP reports that blackouts have hit 22 of the country's 23 states, slamming the capital of Caracas at rush hour... More »

'We Know the Risks': Guaido Returns to Venezuela

Opposition leader had ignored official ban on foreign travel, is now back home

(Newser) - Declaring he knows he is at risk, Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido returned Monday to his homeland to renew his campaign to topple the government of President Nicolas Maduro. Guaido landed at the country's main airport, about 25 miles from Caracas, the capital, the AP reports. He said in... More »

US Journos Showed Maduro a Video. Things Took a Turn

Jorge Ramos, 5 other Univision staffers had their phones, equipment seized

(Newser) - A team of American journalists led by Univision's Jorge Ramos said they had their camera equipment and phones seized at Venezuela's presidential palace after Nicolas Maduro abruptly ended an interview Monday. Ramos, one of the most influential Spanish-speaking journalists in the US, told the AP late Monday that... More »

Rubio Seems to Threaten Maduro With Gadhafi Pics

Fla. senator being criticized for 'remarkably stupid' tweet some see as hint at US military intervention

(Newser) - Marco Rubio is known for his biblically themed tweets , but a different sort of post made waves over the weekend. On Sunday, the Florida senator sent out side-by-side photos of Moammar Gadhafi—one showing the late Libyan dictator in his prime, the second showing him bloodied and roughed up, right... More »

Venezuela's Tense Showdown Ends in Chaos, Death

Embattled President Maduro digs in, dances the salsa

(Newser) - A showdown in Venezuela Saturday over humanitarian aid resulted in at least four deaths and 285 injuries. But the violence did little to resolve the nation's volatile stalemate: President Maduro is only digging in—in fact, he danced the salsa at a rally with his wife while denouncing the... More »

Effort to Close Venezuela's Border Turns Deadly

Venezuelan soldiers fired on civilians trying to keep border section open

(Newser) - Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro announced on state TV Thursday night that he was closing the border with Brazil "completely and absolutely." The Washington Post reports a woman was killed Friday morning during an effort to keep a part of it open to allow humanitarian aid through on Saturday.... More »

Venezuela's Border With Brazil 'Completely' Closed

President Nicolas Maduro warns border with Colombia may be next

(Newser) - Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has been pushing back against efforts to send humanitarian aid into his country, an initiative led by opposition leader Juan Guaido. The latest development in that conflict came Thursday night, with Maduro announcing on state TV that he was closing the border with Brazil "completely... More »

6 Oil Execs Went to Venezuela in 2017. They Never Came Back

Families of the 'Citgo 6' say they're being held in jail by Maduro government on trumped-up charges

(Newser) - Six executives from Houston-based Citgo have reportedly spent 15 months jailed in Venezuela on what their families say are trumped-up corruption charges. As the Trump administration tries to unseat Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, the fate of the executives—five of them US citizens—lies in the balance, per the AP... More »

Maduro: We Had Secret Talks With Trump Administration

He sits for an interview with the AP

(Newser) - A month into Venezuela's high-stakes political crisis, President Nicolas Maduro revealed in an AP interview that his government held secret talks with the Trump administration and predicted he would survive an unprecedented global campaign to force his resignation. While harshly criticizing President Trump's confrontational stance toward his socialist... More »

Fuel Tankers Block Bridge at Border Crossing

Venezuelan ruler tries to keep out humanitarian aid

(Newser) - The Venezuelan military barricaded a bridge at a key border crossing with Colombia, issuing a challenge Wednesday to a US-backed effort by the opposition to bring humanitarian aid into a nation plagued by shortages of food and medicine, the AP reports. The Tienditas International Bridge was blocked the day before... More »

Court Bans Guaido From Leaving Venezuela

Maduro claims Trump has ordered a hit on him

(Newser) - Venezuela's Supreme Court barred opposition leader Juan Guaido from leaving the country Tuesday, a move certain to heighten tensions as the man challenging President Nicolas Maduro's claim to the presidency presses forward with establishing a transitional government and the US warns of "serious consequences" if he is... More »

Bolton's Notepad Suggests Military Move on Venezuela

'All options are on the table'

(Newser) - The White House says "all options are on the table" for Venezuela—apparently including the arrival of American troops to its neighbor. The words "Afghanistan -> welcome the talks" and "5,000 troops to Colombia" were seen scribbled on a yellow notepad in the hands of national... More »

New US Sanctions Put Pressure on Maduro

Trump administration hits state-owned oil company with sanctions

(Newser) - The Trump administration imposed sanctions Monday on the state-owned oil company of Venezuela, PDVSA, a potentially critical economic move aimed at increasing pressure on President Nicolas Maduro to cede power to the opposition, the AP reports. National security adviser John Bolton and Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin announced the measures against... More »

US Warns Venezuela of 'Significant Response'

Bolton says US will not accept violence or intimidation against Guaido, US diplomats

(Newser) - The US now considers Juan Guaido to be Venezuela's interim leader—and any "violence or intimidation" against him, or against American diplomats, will be met with a "significant response," John Bolton warned Sunday. The national security adviser tweeted that any such actions from Nicolas Maduro's... More »

As Saturday Deadline Drew Near, Venezuela Changed Its Mind

Nicolas Maduro backtracked on demand that US diplomats leave by Saturday night

(Newser) - Venezuela defused a potential showdown with the United States, suspending a demand that US diplomats leave the country as Washington called on the world to "pick a side" in the South American nation's fast-moving crisis. Socialist President Nicolas Maduro broke relations with the United States on Wednesday after... More »

US Advises Americans to Leave Venezuela

Military backs embattled president, defying wishes of US

(Newser) - All Americans should "strongly consider departing" Venezuela, the US State Department said late Thursday as it ordered all non-emergency government staff to leave the country torn by a power struggle. "We are prepared to do the things we need to do to make sure we keep our people... More »

Russia Has a Warning for US About Venezuela

Military intervention would lead to 'catastrophic situation,' official says

(Newser) - After the US rejected Nicolas Maduro's demand that all American diplomats leave Venezuela, China—a Maduro ally— warned the US against getting involved in the country's crisis. Now another Maduro supporter has done the same: US military intervention in Venezuela would lead to a "catastrophic scenario" in... More »

US to Maduro: You're Not President, We're Staying

Pompeo says US will listen to rival president Guaido

(Newser) - Secretary of State Mike Pompeo says the US is going to ignore Nicolas Maduro's demand for all American diplomats to leave Venezuela within 72 hours—because the US no longer considers Maduro to be the president of Venezuela. Pompeo said in a statement after Maduro's ultimatum that the... More »

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