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Safari Flaw Leaves iPhone, iPad Open to Digital Hijackers

Mobile OS can automatically load malicious code

(Newser) - The iPad, iPod, and iPhone have a gaping security hole that hackers could easily exploit to hijack a device, security experts warn. Apple's mobile version of the Safari browser opens PDFs automatically, so all a hacker would need to do would be to embed malicious code in such a document.... More »

Microsoft Promises to Add Access to Open Format

Interchangeable ODF will be available in '09 update; European regulators still wary

(Newser) - Microsoft says it will allow documents created in a competitor’s interchangeable format to open in its Office 2007 software package by mid-2009, but European officials are taking a wait-and-see attitude, the New York Times reports. “We have heard a lot of promises from Microsoft, but as of yet,... More »

PDFs Will Soon Have Ads, Thanks to Yahoo, Adobe

Google-like, content-related, dynamic ads to grace select docs

(Newser) - Yahoo has teamed up with Adobe to nestle pay-per-click ads into PDF documents, CNET reports. Functioning a lot like Google’s text ads, they’ll be dynamic and key-word matched, so they can change at any time, but should stay relevant. Don’t worry, they won’t appear on all... More »

3 Stories