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College Sues 32-Year-Old Who Won't Leave Dorm

Hunter College says former student owes nearly $100K, and she's fighting the case

(Newser) - A New York City college is trying to evict a 32-year-old former student it says is illegally squatting in her dorm room. Hunter College has filed a lawsuit against Lisa Palmer, saying the woman owes more than $94,000 in unpaid residence hall fees since she dropped out in 2016,... More »

Relive Your Dorm Days Via Airbnb

Unless the schools catch on first

(Newser) - From a night in the Paris catacombs to a 1920s mansion in California, Airbnb provides the opportunity to bunk in some unique locations. Case in point: Eduardo's dorm room in New York City. For $80 a night, the not-fully-identified student from the not-fully-identified school provides a twin bed in... More »

NYU Housing Students in Swank Manhattan Hotel

Our dorms never came with housekeeping services

(Newser) - When life handed New York University lemons, it made lemon-infused, $300-a-night hotel lobby water with them. The New York Times has a profile of the dozens of NYU upperclassmen currently living in the Manhattan NYC hotel due to the college's housing shortage—a situation the students are pretty OK... More »

A Eulogy for the Random Freshman Year Roommate

Stuck in small room with someone different helps young people grow

(Newser) - Random room assignments were once a rite of passage for university freshmen, pairing Democrats and Republicans, party animals and studious nerds. But they're becoming a relic of the past, eliminated by a host of social networking websites that allow today's 18-year-olds to track down like-minded potential roomies as... More »

Catholic University: Adios, Coed Dorms

School moves toward single-sex living spaces

(Newser) - Catholic University's president believes he has come up with a surefire way to curb binge drinking and promiscuity: Do away with the school's 11 coed dorms. “We just thought it was a more wholesome environment,” says John Garvey, whose plan will be phased in over several... More »

America's Most Expensive Dorms

Cost of room and board is on the rise

(Newser) - America's indebted students can expect to pay more for room and board this year. Prices increased 4.6% at public and 3.9% at private colleges, with average costs of $8,535 and $9,700 respectively, finds CampusGrotto . Here are some of the most expensive places to lay your weary... More »

Let Fate Pick Your College Roomie

Matching services ruin a good life lesson

(Newser) - Maureen Dowd is saddened by this new trend of college students using matching services to pick their roommates. If college is supposed to broaden your horizons, what's the point in finding someone exactly like you to live with? As a primer for the real world, letting fate determine your dormmate... More »

Colleges Tackle the 'Sexile' Issue

Tighter rules introduced to empower banished roommates

(Newser) - "Sexiles" banished from their rooms by sexually active roommates have long been a feature of student life, but colleges across the country are looking into ways to help the hapless figures found crashed on lounge sofas get a good night's sleep. Many now require roommates to sign a contract... More »

Amid Cell Boom, Colleges Yank Land Lines

Cell phones have rendered costly phone lines unnecessary

(Newser) - US colleges are ripping phone lines out of dorms—and not to encourage students to study, the San Jose Mercury News reports. It’s recognition that mobile phones have become as ubiquitous as textbooks among students. “Demand has dropped, and it’s a costly service,” says an official... More »

Anti-Bulimia Ads Catch College Women In Act

German firm gets edgy, plastering undersides of toilet seats

(Newser) - A German women’s advocacy group is employing crafty means to get bulimics’ attention, Animal New York reports: Pro Mädchen (translated as “for girls”) is smacking pink splatter stickers, with a phone number and the tagline “Bulimia is curable,” onto the undersides of toilet seats... More »

College Dorm Rooms Go to the Dogs

More campuses allow pets in hopes of de-stressing students

(Newser) - College students have long been expert at sneaking everything from gerbils to puppies into their dorm rooms, but a number of schools have made furry residents official, reports USA Today. The pet-friendly movement's spread to more than a dozen campuses, where officials hope reducing the stress of college life and... More »

Colleges Adding Meow to Mix

MIT among higher-ed bastions allowing students to keep cats in dorms

(Newser) - Colleges around the country are warming up to furry friends, the Boston Globe reports. MIT is in the vanguard, offering as an example its 8-year-old program that allows student-vetted felines to live in certain dorms. "They can really lighten the mood,” one senior says, “especially when students... More »

Dorm Rooms Go Coed

Sexes sharing a room no biggie, students say

(Newser) - Parents who schooled in same-sex dorms are surprised to hear that their kids are sharing coed college rooms, the AP reports. About two dozen schools—including Brown, Penn, and Oberlin—allow the practice, and more are following suit this year, including Stanford. Schools say coed dorm users are usually heterosexual... More »

Stanford Considers Co-Ed Rooms

Students clamor for change, say it's about comfort, not sex

(Newser) - Stanford students want co-ed dorm rooms, and the administration may take them up on the idea. "It's not about sex," one student told the San Jose Mercury News, but about feeling "comfortable in your living space." Transgender students started the initiative to build on the school's... More »

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