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Reid Apologizes Again for 'Choice of Words'

Senator sorry for 'Negro' remark

(Newser) - Harry Reid apologized again this afternoon for comments he made about Barack Obama in the early days of the presidential campaign, acknowledging that he "could have used a better choice of words" in evaluating Obama's prospects. "I've apologized to the president. I've apologized to everyone that, within the... More »

Obama Gets Rail Rolling With $8B Stimulus

Prez plots $8b high-speed train network

(Newser) - America's railways are about to get a huge handout: At today's signing of the stimulus package, $8 billion will be allocated to high-speed rail. Though the money will be divvied up according to Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood's master plan, the expansion is truly President Obama's pet project, reports Politico. "... More »

Senate & White House Battle Today Over Stimulus Plans

House & Senate back rival packages

(Newser) - The Senate and White House face off today over economic stimulus packages designed to get consumers spending again. With bipartisan support, the Senate Finance committee approved a $157 billion plan that would give more than $1,000 to almost every family in the US. A White House proposal, backed by... More »

Dems Relent on Spending Bill

Leaders bow to White House pressure on domestic funding

(Newser) - House Democratic leaders surrendered to pressure from the White House on a wide-ranging domestic spending bill yesterday, dropping demands for $22 billion in additional funding, the Washington Post reports. That still may not be enough for Republicans, who are talking about a possible veto because the bill—$936.5 billion... More »

Battle Over War Funds Escalates

President warns of Christmas layoffs

(Newser) - The dispute between the White House and Congress over $196 billion in funding for the war in Iraq escalated as President Bush warned of imminent layoffs, the Washington Post reports. "The missions of this department are too important to be disrupted or delayed," Bush said after a series... More »

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