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Selma Blair: James Toback Implied I'd Be Killed If I Told

Rachel McAdams has also come forward

(Newser) - Selma Blair and Rachel McAdams have come forward to join more than 200 other women accusing director James Toback of sexual harassment. In a disturbing account to Vanity Fair , Blair says Toback lured her to a hotel room in 1999 and, after she refused to have sex with him, insisted... More »

Gyllenhaal Is Great, Southpaw Not So Much

Gyllenhaal 'transcends' this predictable redemption story: critics

(Newser) - Jake Gyllenhaal plays a light heavyweight boxing champion who takes hard knocks in the ring and in life in this riches-to-rags-to-riches story, initially meant to star rapper Eminem. After gaining 15 pounds of pure muscle, Gyllenhaal has apparently also nabbed some new fans. Here's what critics are saying:
  • There'
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Aloha Stinks of 'Flop Sweat'

All-star cast can't save a messy script: critics

(Newser) - An all-star cast of Bradley Cooper, Rachel McAdams, Emma Stone, and Bill Murray comes together in Aloha, a love-triangle romantic comedy set in, you guessed it, Hawaii. But that all-star cast wasn't enough to win over most critics:
  • "Aloha is a marshmallow of a film: soft on the
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16 Celeb Couples Who Split Up This Year

2013 was unlucky for these stars

(Newser) - This year wasn't great for these 16 celebrity couples, all of whom split up. Click through the gallery for a sampling, or see the full lists at ETOnline , PopSugar , and the Huffington Post . More »

28 Stars With College Degrees

Some in subjects you would not expect

(Newser) - These famous ladies didn't necessarily need a college degree in order to rake in the big bucks, but they got 'em anyway. PopSugar rounds up 28 actresses who graduated:
  • Eva Longoria: Master's degree in Chicano Studies; California State University, Northridge. Bachelor's degree in Kinesiology; Texas A&
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11 Stars Who Got Their Start at ... McDonald's

Hey, we don't all go straight to the top

(Newser) - Currently flipping burgers at McDonald's? No worries, Rachel McAdams once earned her money doing the same. Huffington Post lists 11 now-superstars who were once McDonald's employees:
  • Sharon Stone
  • James Franco
  • Jay Leno
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The Vow Pure Schlock

Movie reviews: Rachel McAdams, Channing Tatum can't save amnesia romance

(Newser) - In The Vow, Rachel McAdams plays a woman who must learn to love her husband again after amnesia wipes her memory. It's no surprise it was released ahead of Valentine's Day: It's pure mushiness, critics say.
  • In the New York Daily News , Elizabeth Weitzman calls the film
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Downey's Holmes Fun, If Not Faithful

Critics are mixed on action-hero update of hallowed detective

(Newser) - Robert Downey Jr. and Guy Ritchie’s action-hero take on Sherlock Holmes will have purists scrambling for a calming pipe, but its target audience won’t be disappointed. Here’s what the critics are saying:
  • “The whole movie, in its popcorn way, is bumptiously extravagant,” writes Owen Gleiberman
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Hollywood's Most Profitable Actresses

Naomi Watts delivers big hits for relatively little pay

(Newser) - Straitened studio heads unwilling to give $10 million to divas and hope for a hit should call Naomi Watts' agent right now. The Australian star of Mulholland Drive and The Ring is the most bankable actress in Hollywood, Forbes calculates. Her films earned an average of $44 for every dollar... More »

Hollywood's New Green Crusaders

Orlando Bloom, Miley Cyrus do Earth proud

(Newser) - Celebs may not be known for living simply, but a new generation of eco-friendly stars is taking a stand for the planet. Grist rounds them up:
  • Orlando Bloom owns a solar-powered house, drives a hybrid, and is a founder of Global Cool, which campaigns against climate change.
  • Rachel McAdams keeps
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Traveler's Wife a Waste of Time

McAdams-Bana love story is 'dull,' 'sappy'

(Newser) - Critics have one good thing to say about the Time Traveler’s Wife, the love story of a man doomed to bounce through time: Eric Bana looks good naked.
  • “Watching Mr. Bana frequently strut his seminude stuff, nimbly avoiding the full-frontal reveal even as he flashes some discreet cheek,
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Witherspoon Rises to Top of Salary List

America's latest sweetheart commands up to $20M per movie

(Newser) - Rendition was a dud, but Reese Witherspoon's peachy $15 million to $20 million fee per movie puts her atop this year’s highest-paid actress list. But she and other leading ladies—such as runner-up Angeline Jolie—often accept lower payoffs to keep their schedules packed, the Hollywood Reporter observes. More »

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