Sundance Film Festival

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Malia Obama Joins Pipeline Protest

She was seen at Sundance Film Festival event

(Newser) - The first Obama to publicly take a political stance during the Trump administration wasn't Barack or Michelle but Malia, who joined a protest against the Dakota Access Pipeline during the Sundance Festival in Utah this week. Actress Shailene Woodley, a fellow protester, tells Democracy Now that is was "... More »

Tim Daly Breaks Both Legs at Sundance

Injury not expected to impact 'Madam Secretary'

(Newser) - Tim Daly broke both of his legs skiing while he was attending the Sundance Film Festival in Utah, Variety reports. He's scheduled to have surgery Wednesday. There was some concern that the injury might affect filming of Madam Secretary, Daly's current show, but Deadline reports that only the... More »

A 'New Take' on JonBenet Case Coming to Netflix

'Casting JonBenet' will premiere at Sundance, then head to theaters, Netflix

(Newser) - Interest in the JonBenet Ramsey case was resurrected with the 20th anniversary of the 6-year-old's December 1996 death, and now Netflix is joining the revival. Per Variety , the company has acquired the rights to Casting JonBenet, a documentary by Kitty Green set to debut at the Sundance Film Festival... More »

#OscarsSoWhite? Not SAG, Sundance

Big wins for diverse actors, productions Saturday night at 2 ceremonies

(Newser) - In a flurry of wins at the Screen Actors Guild Awards and the Sundance Film Festival, diversity made itself forcefully heard, reports the AP . Over a few hours Saturday night, the SAG Awards and Sundance showered honors on performers and films that presented a stark contrast to the crisis that... More »

'Farting Corpse' Film Makes Noise at Festival

'Swiss Army Man' divides audiences at Sundance

(Newser) - A new film starring Daniel Radcliffe as a farting corpse is dividing audiences at the 2016 Sundance Film Festival, Us Weekly reports. In Swiss Army Man, the erstwhile Harry Potter plays a dead body discovered by a suicidal man (Paul Dano) on a deserted island. Dano rides Radcliffe across the... More »

Into the Wild Star Jailed for Attacking Studio Exec

He choked woman during Sundance festival

(Newser) - Actor Emile Hirsch began serving 15 days in a Utah jail yesterday after pleading guilty to misdemeanor assault for putting a female studio executive in a chokehold and body-slamming her at a nightclub during the Sundance Film Festival. The Into the Wild star told a judge he was sorry and... More »

Hit Sundance Film Shot on an iPhone

'Tangerine' shows LA life of transgender prostitutes

(Newser) - Tangerine surprised audiences at the Sundance Film Festival by depicting the gritty life of transgender prostitutes in Hollywood. Another revelation: The acclaimed film was shot almost totally on an iPhone 5S, the Verge reports. Indie writer/director Sean Baker says it was a budgetary choice that came with other advantages. For... More »

Scientologists Angry About Unflattering Documentary

'Going Clear' due to premiere on Jan. 25

(Newser) - A documentary about Scientology debuts at Sundance later this month, and the church is not happy about it. Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief, from filmmaker Alex Gibney, includes interviews with people who have left the religion behind, and starting today, the Church of Scientology is expected to... More »

Coming to Netflix: Documentary Filmed by James Foley

He shot scenes for E-Team before disappearance

(Newser) - Before disappearing in Syria in 2012, American journalist James Foley wrapped filming on a documentary called E-Team, which earned rave reviews at this year's Sundance Film Festival, reports the Daily Beast . The film focuses on Human Rights Watch's Emergencies Team, which documents war crimes firsthand. Rolling after the... More »

Developers Build Mountain Town Inspired by ... Sundance?

Bought entire mountain for rumored $40M

(Newser) - With financial backing from the likes of the founders of PayPal and Wired magazine, a group of conference organizers have purchased an entire mountain in Utah, where they plan to build a whole town from scratch—one they say will be "inspired by the core concepts of the Sundance... More »

Doom for LiLo's Film Career?

Film festivals rejecting 'The Canyons' right and left

(Newser) - And the bad news for Lindsay Lohan just keeps on a-comin': Now, sources tell the Hollywood Reporter that at least two film festivals have declined to show her latest film, The Canyons. Sundance was first to reject the erotic thriller, and now SXSW has followed suit. "It’s got... More »

Top 20 Films From Sundance

'The Surrogate,' 'Room 237,' 'For a Good Time, Call...' top New York's list

(Newser) - Film critics from New York braved the hobnobby world of Sundance and returned home with a list of their favorites. Many of these films, they note, have already secured distribution and will be coming to a theater near you:
  • The Surrogate. A handicapped writer (John Hawkes) employs a sex surrogate
... More »

Spike Lee: Hollywood Clueless About Black People

Sundance speech gets testy

(Newser) - Spike Lee screened his latest film—Red Hook Summer, a quasi-sequel to Do the Right Thing—at the Sundance Film Festival last night, but what really got people talking was the profanity-laden tirade he delivered in the Q&A afterward. The fireworks started when surprise attendee Chris Rock stood up... More »

Redford Bringing Sundance to London

We're bring some American culture to the Brits, actor announces

(Newser) - The Sundance Film Festival will soon make its British debut, founder Robert Redford announced yesterday in London, where he also pleaded for continued funding for the arts. "You can't cut the arts because it enriches the culture," the 74-year-old actor said. "You can't, unless it is an... More »

Screw You Hollywood, I'm Buying My Movie: Smith

Will do his own roadshow for 'Red State'

(Newser) - After a 20-minute speech lambasting Hollywood, Kevin Smith sold his horror movie Red State for $20 at Sundance last night … to himself. Smith, who said the movie industry is full of “too much f***ing horses***,” announced an auction for the distribution rights after Red State premiered. But... More »

Sundance Preview: 14 Hottest Films

From Kevin Spacey to Kevin Smith, something for everyone

(Newser) - The Sundance Film Festival opens Thursday: What films should you anticipate the most? The Daily Beast highlights 14 that are getting the most buzz:
  • Margin Call: Set at the beginning of 2008’s financial meltdown, an entry-level analyst discovers a glitch in the system of the investment firm he works
... More »

YouTube Creating 'Day in the Life' of the World

User-generated documentary will record July 24, 2010

(Newser) - Want to be in a YouTube movie directed by Kevin Macdonald and produced by Ridley Scott? Record your ordinary daily life on July 24, upload it to YouTube, and you just might end up in the feature-length documentary "Life in a Day," a compilation of user-submitted footage from... More »

Terrorism Comedy Premieres at Sundance

Four Lions looks at the lighter side of jihad

(Newser) - A farce about four bumbling suicide bombers planning an attack on London has premiered at the Sundance Film Festival to predictably mixed reactions. Some critics are uneasy with satirist Chris Morris' mixture of comedy, buddy movie, and thriller in Four Lions, while others hail him for trying to take a... More »

Banksy Film Rocks Sundance

'Exit Through the Gift Shop' is one of the festival's hottest tickets

(Newser) - Partially an insider look at guerrilla art, partially a satire of the art world, Banksy’s film-within-a-film is impossible to categorize—but it’s definitely one of the hottest movies at Sundance. Fans lined up in 15-degree weather for the slim chance of getting into the nightclub-like screening of Exit ... More »

Top Sundance Buzz Generators

Twilight star Kristen Stewart has two breakout films

(Newser) - With the Sundance Film Festival under way in Park City, Utah, the Daily Beast takes a look at the ones generating the loudest buzz:
  • Howl: James Franco turns in a Milk-caliber performance as counter-culture poet Allen Ginsberg as he faces obscenity charges in 1957.
  • Kristen Stewart: Gets well beyond Twilight
... More »

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