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'Incredible' SimCity Grows Up

Most reviewers love the new version, which gives players way more control

(Newser) - The SimCity franchise gets a major reboot today with a sixth version that gives players far more detailed control over the cities they create and the individual citizens who live in them. For the most part, reviewers are wowed:
  • Farhad Manjoo, Slate : The update is "incredible," he writes.
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New iPhone Game Is 'the Future of Mobile Gaming'

'New York Times' critic gushes over 'Shadow Cities'

(Newser) - Video game reviews don’t get much more enthusiastic than this. Seth Schiesel of the New York Times is over the moon about Shadow Cities, a new iPhone game that lets you battle for control of your real-life physical location. “Shadow Cities isn’t just the future of mobile... More »

Rock Band Matures With Beatles Edition

Game is good, clean cross-generational fun

(Newser) - The Beatles: Rock Band successfully brings the winning music-game formula to one of rock’s biggest names, writes Elizabeth Landau for CNN. Designed to be played by as many as six, the game "does make for a great time and will probably be a hit at parties." Meanwhile,... More »

New Punch-Out!! Is Classic Fun

(Newser) - Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!!, on the original Nintendo Entertainment System, was a “perfect combination of addictive gameplay and technological impressiveness,” Chris Kohler writes in Wired. In a new version for Wii, happily, the company has figured out "what made the original so compelling” and recreated it “... More »

GTA IV Rides Again in Lost and the Damned

Download-only add-on episode revs new life into franchise's fourth outing

(Newser) - Grand Theft Auto IV: The Lost and the Damned brings gamers back to a Liberty City as gritty and darkly funny as ever, Seth Schiesel writes in the New York Times. The add-on episode, only available as a download through the Xbox Live service, swiftly ditches GTA IV's protagonist... More »

Spore Sparkles, But Gameplay's a Little Dim

Game delivers on 'universe in a box' hype, but that doesn't mean it's great

(Newser) - Most critics are positive about Spore, but you’ll likely get a different answer from each about why. Troy Wolverton, writing in the San Jose Mercury News, found the game “engrossing,” though he wonders whether it will live up to the “massive hype.” In the New ... More »

Finally, A PC Strategy Game That's A Console Winner

Fast pace will attract new converts for Civilization Revolution , reviewer says

(Newser) - Sid Meier's Civilization Revolution could be the first winner among console versions of PC strategy games, Dylan Fawcett writes in USA Today. While it’s too simple for established fans, newcomers will like its fast pace. Negatives, including a confusing help menu and the strangely even matching of ancient and... More »

Grand Theft a Joy for Gamers

Today's launch is well worth the wait

(Newser) - The latest installment in the widely acclaimed and controversial Grand Theft Auto is more than worth the wait, writes Justin Calvert in GameStop. Preserving the basic play mechanics but adding a breathtaking level of complexity and a fantastically detailed and humorous mock-up of New York City, "Grand Theft Auto ... More »

Wii Fit Among Highlights of Gamers' Conference

Video game industry converged in San Francisco

(Newser) - Fitness program Wii Fit for the Nintendo Wii system, video games that let players warp Disneyized fairy tales, a parents-oriented video game review site, and initiatives by major publishers to let independent designers and even players develop games—those were the highlights of the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco... More »

Writer Fired for Negative Review?

Game site editor dumped shortly after he slams a major advertiser's product

(Newser) - The editorial director of a video game review site was fired after giving a negative review to a game from a major advertiser. The writer called Kane & Lynch: Dead Men "probably not worth the purchase"  before GameSpot terminated him, reports DailyTech. This when the review site's homepage... More »

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