Ken Lay

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Blago the Only Rat Paying the Piper

'Chicago punk,' sure, but ever heard of Bush, Rumsfeld, Lay, Rubin?

(Newser) - Poor Rod Blagojevich: He merely tried to auction off the president-elect’s Senate seat and could be imprisoned for it. But the men who bungled Iraq and crashed our economy can anticipate vacations and White House jobs, Frank Rich writes in the New York Times. Luckily for us, Blagojevich “... More »

Ex-Enron Chief Not Guilty, Widow Says

Feds want $13M from his estate, but must re-prove crimes

(Newser) - Ex-Enron chief Ken Lay is innocent, and the feds shouldn't drain $13 million from his estate in a civil suit—at least not according to his widow. Linda Lay's filing today denies "any criminal activity on the part of Kenneth L. Lay, including his alleged participation in securities fraud,... More »

2 Stories