Portland, Oregon

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Portland Woman Wants $100K for Bad V-Day Service

Having made reservations for 2, she tried to dine alone on Valentine's Day

(Newser) - Was it bad service, bad timing, or blatant racism? Either way, Kathleen Hampton, a self-described small-business owner, is suing Enzo's Caffe Italiano in Portland, Ore., for $100,000 for the way she was treated on Valentine's Day, reports the Oregonian . Having made reservations for two, but arriving alone... More »

Portland Strippers Fight for Their Rights

Entertainers looking for better working conditions

(Newser) - If you've got a fetish, chances are Portland, Ore.—apparently dubbed "Pornland" in some circles, per the Week —has a strip joint that's got you covered. But for every vegan strip club (yeah, that exists), there are others that are "dilapidated and not maintained,... More »

Why Thousands of Selfies Feature This Carpet

Portland airport's floor covering is a celebrity in its own right

(Newser) - Today, Portland, Oregon is parting ways with a beloved friend: a rather unattractive carpet in the city's international airport. The turquoise floor covering with odd geometric designs was originally installed in 1987, when its look was perhaps a bit more in style; yesterday, workers began removing it, KGW.com... More »

Uber Agrees to Quit Portland ... for 3 Months

City will revamp laws to allow service to operate

(Newser) - Uber has ended its dispute with authorities in Portland, Ore., by agreeing to stop operating in the city while it updates its laws to allow the service. The agreement yesterday came days before a judge was to hear the city's lawsuit against the ride-sharing service, reports the Oregonian , which... More »

Man Arrested in Portland Shooting Linked to Gangs, Police Say

2 injured in attack also have gang ties: officials

(Newser) - A "person of interest" arrested after a school shooting yesterday in Portland, Oregon, has ties to gangs, police say. Authorities haven't said whether Lonzo Murphy, 22, was the gunman in the attack , which left three hospitalized, the AP reports. Two of those hurt are also linked to gangs,... More »

Suspect Arrested in Oregon School Shooting

22-year-old suspect may have gang ties

(Newser) - Police in Portland have arrested a suspect in the shooting that injured three people outside an alternative high school yesterday. Authorities say they stopped a vehicle around 1:30am today and arrested a 22-year-old man. A handgun was found in the vehicle. Police were searching an apartment about half an... More »

Portland Sues to Stop Uber

Drivers could face arrest, city says

(Newser) - Portland is playing hardball in an effort to stop Uber: The Oregon city has warned that Uber drivers have until 5pm Thursday to stop picking up riders or they could face arrest, heavy fines, and having their vehicles impounded, the Oregonian reports. Portland has filed a lawsuit seeking an order... More »

Next for Starbucks: Delivery

Coming in the second half of next year

(Newser) - Want Starbucks but don't want to get out of bed? There's an app for that—or there will be soon. In an earnings call yesterday, the company shared a lower-than-expected forecast for the quarter ending in December, but it also shared this tidbit: Members of its loyalty program... More »

Police: We Shot Man Who Aimed at Passing Cars

Portland cops say they wounded would-be carjacker

(Newser) - Police in Portland, Oregon, say an officer today shot a man who was a pointing a gun at passing cars on an Interstate 84 offramp today. Sgt. Pete Simpson says the man ran from the freeway after he was struck by a bullet, and he collapsed on a nearby street.... More »

To Ease Homelessness, Portland Eyes Micro-Homes

One design costs $20K—just over annual cost of an emergency shelter room

(Newser) - It isn't cheap for Portland, Ore., to house its sizable homeless population. An emergency shelter room costs $16,000 a year and lacks basic plumbing, and there aren't enough rooms to prevent 2,000 people from setting up shelters under bridges, on sidewalks, and in abandoned lots throughout... More »

Chicken Crosses Road, Portland Guy Calls Cops

'This is actually not a prank call,' he begins

(Newser) - It's the kind of story that almost has to come with a Portland dateline: It seems that on Monday evening, a concerned citizen called Portland's non-emergency line to report a chicken crossing the road. Prefacing his concern with, "Hi, um, this is actually not a prank call,... More »

Gunman, Student Dead in Oregon School Shooting

Shooter was reportedly a student there

(Newser) - A lone gunman and a student are dead in a school shooting this morning at a high school about 12 miles outside Portland, Ore. The teen opened fire at Reynolds High School with a rifle while classes were in session about 8am, reports AP . He killed one student and then... More »

The Fittest US City Is...

Washington, DC; Memphis comes in last

(Newser) - The fittest city in the US also happens to be the capital. So says this year's American Fitness Index , the work of the American College of Sports Medicine. The report scores cities based on a range of factors, including chronic health problems like diabetes; healthy and not-so-healthy behaviors, like... More »

Portland's City Water Tests Positive for E. Coli

Residents told to boil it until further notice

(Newser) - Residents of Portland got some more not-so-great news today about their water: The city wants everybody to boil it for the time being because three separate E. coli tests came up positive, reports the Oregonian . The advisory affects 670,000 people, though a city official called the risk "relatively... More »

Portland Decides to Use Pee Water as Experiment

Water Bureau ended up flushing no more than 3M of the 38M gallons

(Newser) - Portland's Water Bureau administrators sounded fairly adamant when they said some 38 million gallons of water would have to be flushed from one of the city's reservoirs after a teen was caught peeing in it , even though the water tested negative for contamination. They've since somewhat changed... More »

Teen's Urine Ruins 38M Gallons of Portland's Water

19-year-old cited for public urination

(Newser) - Rest assured, Portland, Oregon: The water you drink is very, very clean. How sanitary? This sanitary: Water Bureau administrators are willing to flush 38 million gallons of the stuff and clean the open-air reservoir in order to make sure there's not the most miniscule amount of human urine in... More »

City to Girl: You Can't Sell Mistletoe, but You Can Beg

11-year-old runs into rules of vendors and panhandlers

(Newser) - An 11-year-old entrepreneur in Portland, Oregon, got a strange lesson in grown-up economics when she tried to sell mistletoe near the city's public market, reports KATU . A security guard informed her she'd have to move outside the city park's boundaries—or she could just plunk down on... More »

Portland Again Rejects Fluoride in Bitter Vote

Stays biggest city in US without fluoridation

(Newser) - The good voters of Portland, Ore., have once again rejected plans to add fluoride to their water to combat tooth decay, keeping it the biggest American city without fluoridation. The city voted 60% to 40% to stay fluoride-free last night, the fourth such rejection since 1956, the Oregonian reports. Fluoridation... More »

Oregon Brewing Up a State Microbe

Saccharomyces cerevisiae , or beer yeast, would be first state microbe

(Newser) - US states have official flags and official flowers, but Oregon could become the first to have a state microbe—and a delicious microbe, at that. Oregon's microbe of choice is the Saccharomyces cerevisiae, better known as ale yeast, and the bill's sponsor hopes the measure will show appreciation... More »

Pilot Loses Consciousness 'Somewhere Over Oregon'

Meanwhile, another flight was diverted due to an unruly passenger

(Newser) - A pair of jets made emergency landings last night, in unrelated dramatic incidents. In one case, an Alaska Airlines jet bound for Seattle had to make an emergency landing in Portland, after its pilot lost consciousness "somewhere over Oregon," an airline spokesman tells the AP . A doctor on... More »

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