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Porn Doesn't Have to Ruin Sex

But only if guys remember it's entertainment, not an educational tool

(Newser) - Porn’s been getting a bad rap of late for turning men into bad lovers. But it’s really the guys’ fault, not the porn, writes Cord Jefferson . A Nielsen survey reports that a third of visitors to XXX websites are women, so clearly porn itself isn’t a definitive... More »

Chinese Raze Sex Theme Park

Officials rip 'vulgar' park

(Newser) - China's revolutionary sex theme park has been crushed before it could even get off the ground, reports the BBC. Just as the world press was touting "Love Land" and its giant plastic genitalia and sexual technique workshops, outraged Chinese officials were demolishing the park that had been slated to... More »

China Plans Sexy Theme Park

(Newser) - China is about to topple taboos big time with giant plastic genitalia and sexual technique workshops at a new sex theme park, reports the BBC. "Love Land" is slated to open in Chongqing in October. "Sex is a taboo subject in China but people really need to have... More »

Overrated: Sex on the Beach

(Newser) - Let’s face it, sex isn’t always great. Beth Mann at Salon breaks down the “seemed like a good idea at the time” list of most overrated erotic acts:
  • Sex on the beach: “In real life the beach is sandy, the temperature unpredictable, the mosquitoes, the jellyfish,
... More »

Lover's Heart Pierced in Rough Sex

He survives, carving girlfriend dodges prison

(Newser) - A Canadian man nearly lost his life when his drunken lover accidentally pierced his heart as she carved a design into his chest during rough sex, reports the Winnepeg Sun. The female university student dodged a prison sentence last week when she and her beau, who has fully recovered, insisted... More »

Texas Couple Fights to Save Their Orgies

Swingers sue after suburb in Dallas shuts down sexy get-togethers

(Newser) - Swingers Jim Trulock and Julie Norris think they should be allowed to have sex in the privacy of their own home—with 100 of their closest friends. Unfortunately, the Dallas suburb they live in disagrees, Newsweek reports. Trulock and Norris have twice been charged with running a sex club after... More »

Tape Puts Amanda at Murder Scene

Italian police bug her conservation with parents in jail

(Newser) - An American student suggested in a bugged jailhouse meeting with her parents that she was home when her flatmate in Italy was murdered, the Telegraph reports. The disclosure contradicts earlier claims by Amanda Knox. "From the bugged recording it is possible to understand that she was in the house,... More »

7 Stories