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Facebook: We Messed Up Video Metric for 2 Years

Metric overestimated average viewer time by 60% to 80%

(Newser) - Anyone poking around on Facebook's "Advertiser Help Center" a few weeks ago may have stumbled across a post that's now getting a lot more publicity: Facebook has been overestimating average viewing time for videos on the site, likely between 60% to 80% and for two years, the... More »

The Trouble With Web Metrics

Advertisers struggle to agree on criteria for judging sites

(Newser) - Worried about how many hits your blog is getting? Stop. Hits are so 90’s. These days, advertisers care about page views… or is that time spent? [User] sessions? Click-through? The web generates metrics like “a fire-hose shoots water,” a top web-measurement exec told the Economist, leaving advertisers... More »

2 Stories