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Gamer Dies 22 Hours Into Marathon Stream

Brian Vigneault, a 35-year-old father of 3, was on Twitch at the time

(Newser) - It started as just another day at the office for Brian "Poshybrid" Vigneault, a 35-year-old gamer known to spend multiple days in a given week live-streaming himself playing the game World of Tanks for 20-plus hours straight. This time, however, the Virginia Beach father of three got up to... More »

Women and Men Equally Strong Video Gamers

Nearly half of the gaming population in the US is now female

(Newser) - The hostility toward women gamers that was laid bare in 2014 during the GamerGate controversy extends to the stereotype that female gamers are inferior to their male counterparts. So researchers at the University of California, Davis , decided to track thousands of players in two multiplayer online role-playing games and compare... More »

Man Dies in 3-Day Gaming Binge as Others Play On

The 32-year-old in Taiwan suffered 'cardiac failure'

(Newser) - Just a few weeks into the new year and a second death blamed on binge video-gaming is being reported in Taiwan. A 32-year-old identified only by his family name Hsieh was rushed to the hospital and pronounced dead after workers at an Internet cafe in Kaohsiung City went to check... More »

PlayStation, XBox Services Hacked; Tweet Points to ISIS

Sony exec's plane diverted over threat

(Newser) - Multiple major gaming networks faced technical trouble this weekend, and reports suggest hackers are to blame. Sony's PlayStation Network was down yesterday; Microsoft's Xbox Live and Blizzard's were among other services apparently affected, the BBC reports. Meanwhile, a Sony executive was threatened in the air:... More »

Florida Gambling Crackdown Banned ... All Computers

Internet cafe ban so vague it made smartphones illegal

(Newser) - When Florida politicians banned Internet cafes earlier this year, the intention was to stop illegal online gambling. Only they may have accidentally banned a whole lot more. A new lawsuit against the state alleges that the ban was so hastily constructed and poorly written that it effectively bans any computer,... More »

Hard-Hit Zynga Laying Off 18% of Workers

FarmVille maker struggles with rise in mobile gaming

(Newser) - Hard times have hit Zynga, maker of hit social games like Mafia Wars and FarmVille—as well as numerous other now-closed duds . The company, which was blindsided by the steep rise in mobile gaming and corresponding desktop decline, is laying off 18% of its workforce, around 520 people, All Things... More »

Christie Backs Key Part of ObamaCare

He also approves Internet gambling for New Jersey

(Newser) - Chris Christie today became the latest Republican governor to embrace an expansion of Medicaid as part of President Obama's heath care overhaul, reports the Star-Ledger . The New Jersey governor said he is "no fan of the Affordable Care Act," but acknowledged "it is now the law... More »

Dad Hires Online 'Assassins' to End Son's Gaming

Son's character was killed off every time he logged on

(Newser) - A father in China worried about his unemployed son's obsession with online gaming put a hit out on the 23-year-old's avatars in his favorite games, paying "assassins" to kill his son every time he logged on. The two reportedly reconciled after the son discovered the plot, though... More »

Zynga Is Trying to Get a Gambling License

Company files paperwork in Nevada

(Newser) - Papa needs a new pair of … cows? Zynga yesterday filed the first salvo of paperwork necessary to obtain an online gambling license in Nevada, the Wall Street Journal reports. But don't expect to be betting on Farmville (or more likely titles like Zynga Poker) anytime soon. The document... More »

Chris Stevens Mourned as 'Right Man in Right Place'

Diplomat's death 'one of the saddest days of my life,' says Libya counterpart

(Newser) - In the wake of the Libya attack that killed US Ambassador Christopher Stevens , colleagues and officials are remembering those who died:
  • "This is one of the saddest days in my life," says Stevens' Libyan counterpart, ambassador to the US Ali Suleiman Aujali. "He was the man who
... More »

Zynga Churns Out 3 More 'Ville' Titles

Gaming firm looks to restore stock price

(Newser) - Tired of FarmVille? Never fear: Amid reports of departing users, Zynga is releasing three new potential addictions. The Ville, by the guy who brought you CityVille and FarmVille, is a lot like the Sims doused in Facebook updates. ChefVille offers a restaurant environment, and FarmVille 2 takes the franchise 3-D,... More »

Farmville Maker Zynga's IPO Pegs Value at $7B

Company sets shares at $10

(Newser) - Tomorrow should be a pretty good day to live in Farmville: Creator Zynga begins trading publicly on the Nasdaq exchange under the ticker ZNGA, and the company has set the price for the 100 million shares being sold at $10, reports MarketWatch . That would peg the market value of Zynga... More »

Hackers Grab Data of 1.3M Sega Players

Company bares breach to users ... in Japanese

(Newser) - Hackers have swiped personal data of nearly 1.3 million Sega video game players, the Japanese company has revealed. The information included names, birth dates, email addresses and encrypted passwords, reports AP . Service was "illegally accessed from outside and personal information of all" customers of the online Sega Pass,... More »

Here's Why You Kept Losing at Online Poker

Stats guru Nate Silver made most of his money playing in the boom years

(Newser) - Nate Silver offers a lengthy primer on the online poker industry and its prospects for survival after the recent crackdown by the feds , with this interesting reveal from the stats whiz: "Between 2004 and 2006, I played a substantial amount of online poker, using it as my primary source... More »

New Facebook Game Highlights Human Rights

America 2049 set in paranoid future US

(Newser) - A new game out on Facebook focuses on human rights and social justice instead of virtual crops or online Mafias. America 2049, set in a future US obsessed by disease control and short on civil liberties, puts the player in the role of an agent for the "Council on... More »

How CityVille Sucked In a Hardcore Gamer

Online game's accessibility and simplicity turns busy man into addict

(Newser) - The online city-planning game CityVille is meant for “casual gamers,” and there are plenty of them: 92 million active monthly users, to be exact. But such simple gameplay and basic graphics would turn off any sophisticated player, right? Wrong—as JP Mangalindan, writing in Fortune , found out. A... More »

Urban Sprawl: CityVille Tops FarmVille

Zynga's monster logs 72.5M uniques in its first month

(Newser) - Zynga is officially taking over the planet, having converted millions of functioning human beings into game-playing zombies in the first month of its latest release alone, reports TechCrunch . CityVille, oddly reminiscent of the Sims, has logged a whopping 72.5 million monthly unique visitors since its launch Dec. 2—eclipsing... More »

Howdy, Crazy FarmVille Addicts: Here's a New Vice

It's called CityVille, and Zynga has high hopes for it

(Newser) - Maybe there are people out there who don't know someone who is batspit crazy about FarmVille, and those people should count their blessings. For the rest of us, Zynga is in the next few weeks rolling out its newest iteration of online game crack, ingeniously titled CityVille. You guessed it:... More »

Gamer Stabs Counter-Strike Foe—For Real

He plotted revenge after his character's killing

(Newser) - A Frenchman—possibly so divorced from reality that he failed to realize there's no respawn option in real life— hunted down a player who "fatally stabbed" his virtual character in online game Counter-Strike and plunged a real knife into the game rival's chest. The victim survived after the knife... More »

Want Hot Halo Opponent? Try Gamecrush

Site lets horndog gamers pay for sexy foe

(Newser) - Male online gamers surely fantasize that one of their opponents is a good-looking female, and one Web site is looking to capitalize, making it happen in exchange for dough. Gamecrush can set you up with a PlayDate whose profile you find sexy, er, interesting, and $10 gets you about 10... More »

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