collateralized mortgage obligations

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JP Morgan Coughs Up $153M to Settle Fraud Case

Investors misled about shoddy securities

(Newser) - JP Morgan has paid $153.6 million to settle SEC charges that it misled investors as it scrambled to offload mortgage-backed securities before the 2007 collapse in the housing market, reports Reuters . " We are soooo pregnant with this deal," wrote an exec in a 2007 email, referring to... More »


Ben Stein accuses Goldman Sachs, and its former CEO Henry Paulson, of peddling mortgage securities while betting on, and abetting, their collapse

(Newser) - In an extraordinary New York Times column Republican/libertarian economist, writer, actor, and lawyer Ben Stein accuses Goldman Sachs of being a willing participant in, and even plotting, the collapse of value in the collateralized mortgage obligation (CMO) market. In the last several years Goldman sold $100 billion of the instruments... More »

2 Stories