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Obama Assassination Plot: Relative Went to Police

Death of Isaac Aguigui's wife raised her suspicions

(Newser) - More details are trickling out about Isaac Aguigui, the purported leader of a group allegedly planning to overthrow the government and assassinate the president: In September of last year, a female relative of his told police she had concerns about the soldier. Specifically, that his wife had died that July... More »

Obama Assassination Plot: Troops Called Selves FEAR

Prosecutor: Group was funded by $500K insurance payout

(Newser) - On the heels of today's revelation that four US soldiers allegedly planned to overthrow the federal government and kill President Obama (and killed two people in order to keep its plans secret), more revelations. The AP relays more details shared today by prosecutors, who were in court as one... More »

US Soldiers Planned Obama Assassination: Prosecutors

4 troops plotted to overthrow government: report

(Newser) - Four US soldiers planned to overthrow the federal government and kill President Obama, the Press Association reports. The alleged plot, whose details remain scarce, emerged during a murder case against the soldiers. One of the four, Pfc. Michael Burnett, pleaded guilty to manslaughter and gang charges today in the deaths... More »

Beck's Thriller a Ripoff of His Ghostwriter's Last Book?

(Newser) - The plot of Glenn Beck's new political thriller, The Overton Window, reads a whole heck of a lot like that of Circumference of Darkness, notes the Huffington Post . That just so happens to have been written in 2005 by Jack Henderson. Who just so happened to have ghostwritten Overton Window.... More »


Ben Stein accuses Goldman Sachs, and its former CEO Henry Paulson, of peddling mortgage securities while betting on, and abetting, their collapse

(Newser) - In an extraordinary New York Times column Republican/libertarian economist, writer, actor, and lawyer Ben Stein accuses Goldman Sachs of being a willing participant in, and even plotting, the collapse of value in the collateralized mortgage obligation (CMO) market. In the last several years Goldman sold $100 billion of the instruments... More »

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