Venezuela Constitution

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Chavez Takes Over Highways, Airports

Key transport links now in federal hands, weakening anti-Chavez governors

(Newser) - Venezuela's national assembly has voted to transfer control of the country's ports, highways and airports to President Hugo Chavez, reports the BBC. Critics say switching control of transport links from state to federal level is unconstitutional and will further weaken mayors and governors opposed to Chavez. The president's backers say... More »

Not So Noble After All

Chavez tried to fix results, demanded margin of error be shrunk

(Newser) - Why was Hugo Chavez so princely in defeat last week, never demanding a recount after losing at the polls? Because he did try to fix the vote behind closed doors, and relented only when officials slimmed the margin of defeat to help him save face, writes Newsweek's Jorge Castaneda. More »

Chavez Loses Vote in Upset

Foes dance in the streets

(Newser) - In a stunning upset, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has lost a referendum that would have allowed him to run for president as many times as he pleased. Foes danced in the streets as results were announced early today. Venezuelans rejected the sweeping measures 51% to 49%. "This was a... More »

Exit Polls Give Chavez Victory

Opposition doubts early results as supporters party in the streets

(Newser) - Chavez supporters waved flags in the streets today as exit polls showed him winning a referendum by six to eight points, Reuters reports. Anti-Chavez forces rejected the numbers, leaked by government-connected sources. "According to our information, it is a statistical tie," said the popular mayor of Caracas. He... More »

4 Stories