Forrest Gump

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What Happened to Kinder, Gentler Tom Hanks?

In search of the actor's earlier persona

(Newser) - Where has Tom Hanks gone? Sure, he's still around on the big screen, currently breaking the bank with Angels & Demons, but what happened to the Tom Hanks that is "our Jimmy Stewart, a heartland guy, good people," wonders Betsey Sharkey in the Los Angeles Times. The "... More »

Got a Minute? See Forrest Run —on YouTube

Condensed versions of Gump, Kill Bill popular online

(Newser) - Hate sitting through long movies? YouTube is your friend. One-minute remakes of Forrest Gump and Kill Bill, shot by British college students in one take, are getting lots of attention, the Telegraph reports. In the 4 weeks since it was posted, the Gump short has racked up 1.5 million... More »

Ken Jennings They're Not

Game show howlers dumb enough to make Miss Teen South Carolina blush

(Newser) - Perhaps there's no sadder commentary on the state of society—or at least society's IQ—than dumb responses from contestants on game shows. Reuters combs a (now-defunct) website for high and low points:
  • Q: What was Gandhi's first name? A: Goosey Goosey.
  • Q: What happened in Dallas on November 22,
... More »

‘Anti-Rumsfeld’ Cools Iran War Rhetoric

Servant to 7 presidents prefers 'soft power' to VP's battle plans

(Newser) - Dubbed the “Anti-Rumsfeld,” Defense Secretary Robert Gates is soothing fears that the US will bomb Iran—while trying to guard against mishaps that might trigger a war. Certain that a Tehran strike would spark a wider conflict and terror in Europe, Gates coolly tries to “lower the... More »

4 Stories