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Daily Show Gives Sean Spicer a New Career

He's a natural at being a kindergarten teacher

(Newser) - Sean Spicer has already become the whipping boy for Saturday Night Live , but now another late-night show is taking a crack at him. Wednesday's Daily Show analyzed clips of the famously combative press secretary interacting with reporters and wondered : "Does @SeanSpicer treat the press like a bunch of... More »

Kindergartener Suspended for Packing Bubble Gun

'Could we have a warning?' asks mom

(Newser) - A 5-year-old in Colorado is in hot water for bringing a gun to school. A toy bubble gun. The girl's mother—Emma, no last name given—tells Fox 31 that she didn't know her daughter had stashed the plastic toy in her backpack. She says she was shocked... More »

Cops Called After Parents Brawl During Kindergarten Play

Woman was obstructing the audience's view, says deputy

(Newser) - The show must go on—except when the show is a kindergarten play and parents are brawling in the audience. That was the scene at Hans Christensen Middle School in Menifee, Calif., on Wednesday, reports the Riverside Press-Enterprise . Kindergarten students from Ridgemoor Elementary were performing for more than 300 people... More »

Kindergartener Threatens Principal With Pellet Gun

'This is a gun and it's used to kill people'

(Newser) - A kindergartener brought a pellet gun to school and used it to threaten at least one staff member Thursday in California, KABC reports. According to NBC San Diego , the 5-year-old boy took the gun out of his backpack as students were preparing to leave for the day. After his teacher... More »

Kindergarten Parent Accused of Ruining Christmas

Talia complained about a field trip to meet Santa, which was canceled

(Newser) - Every year for a decade, kindergarten students at Sartorette Elementary School in San Jose have been writing letters to Santa then delivering them to the man himself on a school-sponsored outing. Not this year. The Cambrian School District says this month's field trip to meet Santa Claus at a... More »

This One Decision Could Boost Kids' Self-Control

Want your kid to focus? Delay typical start by a year, study suggests

(Newser) - Holding your child back from kindergarten could be a big boost to his or her mental health for years to come, according to a new study from Stanford University. "We found that delaying kindergarten for one year reduced inattention and hyperactivity by 73% for an average child at age... More »

Boy, 5, in Trouble for 'Sexual Misconduct' —for Dropping Pants

Experts weigh in on school policy of reporting wrongdoing

(Newser) - An Arizona mom wants answers as to why her 5-year-old kindergartner now has a "sexual misconduct" stamp on his permanent school file. Erica Martinez says her son, Eric Lopez, pulled down his pants and exposed himself when another student at Ashton Ranch Elementary School "intimidated" him on the... More »

Obesity Sets in by Kindergarten

'Horse is out of the barn' by 5, new study suggests

(Newser) - Kids who are obese by the time they start kindergarten are likely to stay that way through childhood and into adulthood, according to a new study that suggests efforts to combat childhood obesity need to start a lot sooner. Kids who are obese at 5 are four times more likely... More »

School Grills Boy, 5, Over Toy Gun Until He Pees Pants

Kindergartner was questioned 2 hours before mom was called

(Newser) - A mother of a Maryland kindergartner is a teacher herself and understands that school officials had a right to be a little concerned when her son was seen with a cap gun on the morning bus ride. But she's a little ticked that school officials questioned the 5-year-old for... More »

Teacher Gets Fired for Letting Kids Taste Blood

Students pass plate around during 'sharing time'

(Newser) - A Norwegian school teacher put a new twist on show and tell by bringing a blood sample to class and letting students taste it, Gawker reports. The unnamed teacher brought a vial of her blood from a doctor's visit, and poured it on a plate for students to touch... More »

School Teacher, Nurse Charged in Murder Plot

Angela Nolen, 47, allegedly paid $4K for killing of hubby

(Newser) - A kindergarten teacher and a school nurse in Virginia are accused of trying to kill the teacher's ex-husband in a murder-for-hire plot, Fox News reports. The teacher—Angela Nolen, 47—allegedly conspired with 37-year-old Cathy Bennett at the elementary school where they work in Rocky Mount, Va. But they... More »

Girl, 5, Suspended in Hello Kitty Threat

Told friend she'd shoot bubble gun: lawyer

(Newser) - Hello Kitty may be actually terrifying to some of us, but a 5-year-old Pennsylvania girl has been dubbed a "terrorist threat" and suspended from school over a Hello Kitty bubble shooter, the New York Daily News reports. The girl was waiting for the school bus when she told a... More »

Teacher Uses Robber, Gun to Teach Kids Spelling

Parents shoot down lesson plan

(Newser) - How do you spell G-U-N? That's the lesson a 5-year-old girl brought home, complete with a picture of a pistol-packin' bank robber escaping with a bag of cash. "The first thing I thought was, ‘Oh no no no,’ I don't want you reading it, I... More »

Teacher So Drunk, Principal Feared Stroke

UK kindergarten teacher downs wine bottle at lunch

(Newser) - It’s Bad Teacher come true: A kindergarten teacher in London got so smashed during lunch that her coworkers called an ambulance. Her principal thought the stumbling 51-year-old, who had tried to teach after drinking, was suffering a stroke; paramedics soon discovered the truth. A teachers’ council has found her... More »

Expelling Kid, 6, for Touching Teacher Was Wrong: Judge

Boy expelled from kindergarten class for touching teacher's thigh

(Newser) - A kindergartner should not have been expelled for touching his teacher's thigh, a Philadelphia judge has ruled. The judge believes the 6-year-old student was simply sympathizing with his teacher after she said her legs hurt: "I wanted to make them feel better," the boy said, as reported... More »

3 Hurt When Kindergartner's Gun Discharges

It went off when he sat down for lunch; injuries are minor

(Newser) - A kindergartner who brought a gun to his Houston elementary school today was among three students injured by fragments when it fired after falling from his pocket as he sat down for lunch. One bullet was fired about 10:35am in the Ross Elementary School cafeteria, spraying fragments at the... More »

Kindergarten Teacher Has Kids 'Oink' at Messy Student

Result: A crying student and a one-day suspension for the instructor

(Newser) - More adventures in questionable teaching tactics: A kindergarten teacher in Tennessee earned a one-day suspension after she got students to circle the desk of a messy student, call him a pig, and "oink" at him repeatedly, reports the Knoxville News Senintel . Another teacher happened to walk in on the... More »

Maine Dropping $200K on iPads for Kindergartners

But will it really improve their learning experience?

(Newser) - Forget finger paint: One Maine city is looking to spend $200,000 next fall to outfit its kindergartners with iPads. "It's definitely an adventure, and it'll be a journey of learning for teachers and students," says one teacher; supposedly, the tablets will make learning more exciting and interactive.... More »

8 Killed in China Kindergarten Attack

Man hacks 7 students, teacher to death

(Newser) - A villager hacked seven children and a teacher to death in an attack on a kindergarten in northwest China today. The attacker, identified as a man in his late 40s who owned the house where the kindergarten was held, killed himself after the rampage, the AP reports. At least 20... More »

Chinese Farmer Attacks 5 Kids With Hammer

China stunned by 3rd school attack in 3 days

(Newser) - Schools across China are scrambling to beef up security after 5 children were injured in the third school attack in as many days. In the latest tragedy, a farmer used a motorcycle to smash through a gate of a school in Shandong province and then attacked kindergarten students with a... More »

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