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Wave of Murders Cuts Down Mexican Musicians

13 unexplained killings in 18 months plague grupero scene

(Newser) - Some of Mexico’s biggest music stars are being murdered, often in gruesome fashion, and no one’s sure why, the New York Times reports. The past year and a half has seen the killings of 13 Mexican musicians, all purveyors of grupero, a country-esque style often dealing with drugs... More »

Popular Mexican Singer Tortured, Killed

K-Paz frontman second slain in wave of border violence

(Newser) - Sergio Gomez, lead singer of popular Mexican band K-Paz, was found dead beside a highway yesterday. The killing is the latest in a string of south-of-the-border music slayings, the LA Times reports. Gomez was abducted late Saturday after a concert, and his body appeared to have been tortured. He is... More »

2 Stories