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Your Face May Be All You Need to Board a Plane

JetBlue launching facial recognition program to make boarding speedier, more secure

(Newser) - "We’re rapidly moving toward a day when your fingerprint, iris or face will become the only ID you’ll need for any number of transactions throughout a given day." This from the COO of Delta Air Lines, which along with JetBlue is testing facial and fingerprint-recognition technology... More »

Security Expert: Boarding Passes Reveal Way Too Much

He suggests shredding them

(Newser) - Airline boarding passes display a lot more information than just your flight and seat number, according to a security researcher who recommends shredding old ones—and he says posting photos of boarding passes online is a bad idea. At KrebsOnSecurity , Brian Krebs warns that the barcodes printed on boarding passes... More »

Rivers, Barred From Flight, Explodes

Her name didn't match the boarding pass

(Newser) - It's going to be a long, excruciating year for airport security guards if every passenger reacts to safety concerns the way Joan Rivers did recently. Rivers lashed a female guard as a "moronic idiot" and "premenstrual" after she was barred from boarding a Newark-bound flight from Costa Rica... More »

Southwest Adds $10 Fee to Board Early

Airline with no assigned seats starts charging for first dibs

(Newser) - Southwest Airlines doesn’t assign seats, but now it will start charging for the privilege of finding the best one, the Dallas Morning News reports. For an extra $10, the new “EarlyBird Check-in” allows passengers to board first, or at least right after the Business Select and Rapid Rewards... More »

Boarding Passes Are So Last Year

Many airlines are transitioning to using cell phones instead

(Newser) - Airlines are working on transitioning their electronic check-in systems to allow passengers to use their cell phones as boarding passes. Continenal is the first to test the system, in which a scannable bar code is displayed on the phone's screen, and the passenger never has to deal with a paper... More »

Use Your Cell Phone as a Boarding Pass

Houston pilot program said to add security, save paper

(Newser) - Passengers flying Continental out of Houston today will be able to use their cellphone or PDA in lieu of a boarding pass as part of a three-month pilot program, USA Today reports. After checking in, an encrypted barcode is sent to passengers’ mobile handsets, which is scanned by a TSA... More »

6 Stories