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8th-Grade Girl Gets Detention for Hugging Classmate

Ella Fishbough violated her middle school's 'inappropriate touching' clause

(Newser) - "It was literally like a second." That's how long 14-year-old Ella Fishbough tells WKMG a supposedly "inappropriate" behavior lasted, one that has landed her in detention at Jackson Heights Middle School in Oviedo, Fla. Her offense? A quick hug she gave a classmate before the first... More »

5 Gizmos Nixed by Cellphones

(Newser) - Cellphones have sent five once-hot gadgets to the techno graveyard, Wired reports:
  • The PDA: Dating back to the Psion Organizer 24 years ago, PDAs enabled busy folk to schedule meetings, keep addresses, and type notes. Only when cellphones included good calendars did PDAs die off.
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Use Your Cell Phone as a Boarding Pass

Houston pilot program said to add security, save paper

(Newser) - Passengers flying Continental out of Houston today will be able to use their cellphone or PDA in lieu of a boarding pass as part of a three-month pilot program, USA Today reports. After checking in, an encrypted barcode is sent to passengers’ mobile handsets, which is scanned by a TSA... More »

3 Stories