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Clemmons Not Huckabee's 1st Freed Killer

Ex-gov said to be a sucker for cons who got religion

(Newser) - Maurice Clemmons isn’t the first killer Mike Huckabee released as governor thanks to his religious sense of mercy. Huckabee granted more commutations and pardons than any governor in the 40 years before him. Some, no doubt, were warranted by Arkansas’ draconian drug laws, but many more came courtesy of... More »

Rape Case, AIDS Comment Dog Huckabee's Rise

Frontrunner spot draws close scrutiny of his record

(Newser) - As candidate Mike Huckabee pushes to the front of the GOP contender crowd, he is coming under fire for his record as Arkansas governor. Critics point to both Huckabee's push for the parole of a convicted rapist who murdered after being released and his call for people with AIDS to... More »

2 Stories