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Here, Interns Can Earn $96K a Year

Facebook's interns are a lucky bunch

(Newser) - Contrary to popular belief, it is possible to keep a rewarding internship and a roof over your head . If you're prepared for a fight, you can find a great internship that also pays well—$8,000 per month in the case of Facebook. Here are the companies offering the... More »

Tech Darling VMware Falls on Microsoft Posturing

Virtualization forerunner can't compete with Redmond chatter

(Newser) - Tech player VMware has experienced its own private Silicon Valley bubble in a single seven-month stretch: The virtualization software pioneer skyrocketed in value after its August IPO, and has since fallen apart on mere intimations of competition from Microsoft. The company, which allows computers to run multiple operating systems, has... More »

Web 2.0 Firms Taking Slower Route to IPOs

The new business model calls for a 'slow and easy' approach to going public

(Newser) - Growing Web 2.0 companies like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Slide are biding their time before going public, making sure to run up their value as much as possible to fetch top dollar with an IPO, reports Business Week. It’s a far different approach than companies took before the dot-com... More »

Tech IPOs Back, But With a Difference

Lessons of dot-com bust learned, startups wait until near-profitable

(Newser) - Tech IPOs are back--but this time around, things are more subdued than in the heady days of the dot-com boom. These days, tech startups wait until they are profitable, or at least cash-flow positive, before making a public debut, MarketWatch reports. The strong performance of VMWare's August IPO has boosted... More »

4 Stories